Fall-Winter 2006 Color Question

  1. Fall is quite a LONG way from now,
    but since the Fall-Winter colors are out,
    let's start discussing them ;)

    color names:
    greige - grey/beige
    truffe - truffle
    sapin - fir tree
    grenat - garnet
    blanc - white
    rouge vif - vivid red
    bleu roi - royal blue
    noir - black


    what is your favorite F/W 06 color?
  2. for now, i am very curious about the bleu roi. i hope it doesn't come out TOO DARK, as in the photo in ateliernaff, since it looks more midnight/indigo blue already.

    i wonder if the bleu roi and the rouge VIF are the same shades as the Hermes ones...

    anyway, has balenciaga produced a different shade of royal blue in the past?
  3. I like the reddd... If the leather is much better in the Fall.. I might get one..

    I just look at the Spring/Summer color b-bag.. I'm so dissapointed in them,.. Hopefully things will get better...
  4. I'm curious to see how the Grenat/Garnet looks. I'm thinkin' it might have my name written all over it (hoping its a beautiful deep red).

    When will the Autumn/Winter bags come out? When do stores usually start accepting pre-orders?
  5. I am dreaming of a city in truffle! Any idea when we can pre-order?
  6. greige - khaki
    truffe - chocolate w/ olive undertones
    sapin - deep forest green
    grenat - blood
    blanc - white
    rouge vif - true red
    bleu roi - royal blue
    noir - black

    ^my interpretation of the swatches.

    I like the grege i think- i would love a sickly yellow/brown bag. :-P Maybe it will be a deep gold? that would be niiiice...

    but I'm also really drawn to the grenat, i'm still hoping it will be a plumy red/purple. I would flip my lid for that color.
  7. I love the greige, it seems like the chamois of the Edith bag
  8. Bleu roi for me! I'm a sucker for navy/dark blue colors, and I don't have one in my bbag collection (yet!)
  9. I'm very interest in the truffe! I can't wait til they come out!
  10. OOooooooooooo, I hope that grenat is a deep blood red. Sexy!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.........
  11. My favorite out of that bunch is the rouge and the bleu roi!! If the leather is good, I want to get a rouge First and a bleu roi City! Ya!
  12. BLue roi and Sapin for me.
  13. Rouge :love: Maybe by the time the colors are out I'll be able to get a City :nuts:
  14. I like the truffle, the sapin and the rouge viv.
  15. I like the garnet, looks pretty.