Fall/Winter '07 Ivory....

  1. Hi...I'm still so undecided in what colour to do my part-time in...has anyone seen the swatch for ivory, is it almost white? Would you carry this colour through fall/winter?

  2. I think it looks like a pretty classic winter white. If you can find the pics of fall bags someone posted earlier, there is one hanging in the row of bags. It must be ivoire, because there is no regular white for f/w. I'd say it's lighter than natural from this season.
  3. I loooove winter white colours when its cold and snowy out
  4. I saw the Ivory Brief with Gold Giant Hardware at the Bal NY Trunk show (also the color swatches) - and Ivory is cream (not to be mistaken with white!). Although I did at one point thought it was white at the Trunk show (I blame it on the champagne). The color is gorgeous and the leather is just amazing.
  5. That is sort of my definition of winter white, a creamy color.
  6. I'm hoping it's very creamy and can provide a nice replacement for my Blanc Chloe.

    I am on the list for a giant flap clutch in ivory with Gold Giant Hardware :drool:
  7. If we compare with the White 07, which one is more white??? :confused1: I'm starting to look for a "white" bag again...
  8. i think the white is whiter than ivory....

    ivoryis more creamy maybe :yes:
  9. I was mesmerized as well by that one at the trunk show. I wonder if all the ivory leathers will look as pillowy soft as that one did?

    The assistant put me off it because its light and knowing me I would be so worried about marking/dirtying it. I always admire anyone who has off white/light bbags though :yahoo: I know that one day I may just cave. They look so cute.
  10. Here's the AW '07 swatch sheet that Kim at BalNY sent to me --


    Lighting, etc., notwithstanding, the Creme isn't stark White.

  11. thanks guyss...so i should keep looking for Spy this time...heehee
  12. is the new 07 ivory going to be the same as the 05 with the slightly pink undertone?
  13. I don't think that this ivory will have the pink undertones like the 2005 Calcaire. It seems that this one has a bit of a yellow undertone instead.