Fall/Winter 07 Color Swatches + other Information...

  1. Hi All, I just received these color swatches for Fall/Winter 07!! Enjoy :yes:
  2. Sorry, they didn't attach!! Let's try again:yes:
  3. Hold on girls and guys! My files are too large...I have to re-format. They will post soon!
  4. Hurry!!!
  5. omg...:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop::popcorn:
  6. :nuts: :nuts:
  7. Here we go!!! Can't wait to hear what we think will be the hot new colors!
    Arena fall winter 07 colors.JPG Matelasse fall winter 07 colors.JPG
  8. aaaahhh i love the terre di sienne color!!!!:heart: :heart:
  9. Thanks hgbags !!!
    It's very sweet of you to share with us !!!
    I was so excited when I opened the files...
    I'm a little desappointed...
    IMO...the new swatches are not very different than the 3 previous season...but let's wait to see them in real ;)
  10. Thanks so much for the swatches hgbags!!:nuts:
    Although I can't see the colours very clearly, I can certainly see a red (rouge), a blue (bleu), and is that rouille and vert fonce??
    Also, the last one on the second row, is that yellow? Or ivory? (I really hope it's yellow!!)
    Sorry for the many questions but I'm really excited and the pics are a bit blurry..
  11. ^^ it's ivory (ivoire)
  12. Thanks Erica....you rock!!!!!!!!!:jammin:
  13. fromparis that's exactly what I thought when I first saw the pics but maybe they are different IRL :s
    I'm not crazy about any of these colours yet

  14. I agree
  15. I agree...they do look a little similiar to previous seasons. There is the Plomb though, which I'm assuming is Plum? Any French experts?? There is hope with that one! I know many of you are dying for something even close to eggplant. I know it's so hard with these small swatches to really see them. Mastic looks pretty promising too as being different from the past.