Fall Tokidoki on Lesportsac.com next week

  1. I emailed customer service about an order I placed at Lesportsac.com today (9/22/07), and she reminded me that the Fall Tokidoki will be on their site next week! Remind me??? I didn't even know about it! :nuts:

    I'm pretty sure this means the Tutti, but I don't know about the Transporto, as that's not due to be out until mid-September. I asked Tutti? Transporto? but they didn't reply back.

    That would explain the DCPROMO code blow out of Spiaggia stuff.
  2. Funny, they told me a few days ago that the fall line would be up on the website THIS week. :p
  3. I need something in tutti... lol.. Dont know in what yet though... hehe
  4. Wahh Does That Mean That The Code Won't Be Up Next Week..noo!
  5. I bet it won't work... so let's keep our expectations low so we can be pleasantly surprised if it does work!!
  6. will vacanze be on there too?!?!
  7. well tutti will be on the website for sure. I asked if the 'new tokidoki black and white print' will be on the website and they said next week.
  8. i doubt it, vacanze is for winter season :huh:;

    hMm... they dont do print placement orders right... u just buy one and they give u whatever they want?
  9. No print placement, it's luck of the draw :s
  10. ew... lol. rather go pick it out myself xD
  11. You had me confused there for a second 'cause of the date error... I was like September 22, eh? :p

    Some people said the code prolly won't work since its from a weekly email. But if it does that would be nice for whoever is buying.

    I don't like that you can't pick placement :x
  12. ah, that makes me a bit sad. i was hoping to get a discount on a tutti zucca (yeah, right), a caramella, or maybe a gioco.

    ditto on the placement thing. that's probably what held me back most!