Fall Style: What Have You Bought/Buying?

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  1. So....fall is almost here (I know...it's a scary thought)...and while I know most of us will still be in short sleeves and stuff for a littile while longer...I can't stop thinking about fall!

    What have you bought so far?

    What colors & styles do you see dominating your wardrobe this F/W?

    I must confess...I haven't bought a stitch of Fall clothing. I spent quite a bit this Spring trying to build up some staples in my S/S wardrobe (although some are colors that can be worn year round i.e. darker pinks and blues)...now I have to start all over with F/W!
    I have a pretty solid pant collection (lots of denim and some trousers)...but need to beef up in the area of tops, skirts, accessories (need belts desperately)!
  2. Since I live in Texas, it doesn't get really cold so I try to buy lots of staples. I have lots of Jeans, pants and skirts but I am looking to buy for fall is:
    1. Gucci Boots (So hard to find my size)
    2. Blazers - I love blazers!!!! I have tons but I love them
    3. Some tops in like royal blue. Looks gorgeous

    Whatever else looks cute... lol.. I don't start buying winter clothes until it gets cold which isn't until November
  3. Nothing yet... in some shops there's still the summer sale going on, while others already have the pre-fall&fall collections available. I will wait until September.
  4. I haven't bought anything yet, but I just cannot wait to wear sweaters again!
  5. I bought three cowlneck sweaters in very fine gauge knit in grey, brown and black (I'm such a boring person). They are really lightweight and good for layering. And two cashmere wrap cardigans with a shawl collar.
  6. I've bought (actually it was a birthday present) black Karen Millen trench coat.. another pair of True Religion. Pair of very skinny black pants with gold details.. some sweaters.. a few silk tops. Oh, a pair of Paul Green black flat leather boots.. and a pair of Stuart Weizman leopard calf hair wedge pumps. :yes:
  7. I bought this DVF top...


    and this jacket...

    I'm looking for a few basic sweaters or blouses in colors like Brown, Maroon, Teal, or Rust. A few gaphic print button downs to layer with. I need more prints. I am also looking for a camel bag... thinking about a B Bag. Last I need a pair of knee high boots... I haven't been able to find any in a while that fit (but I think everyone has fit issues with tall boots).
  8. I bought some black leather gloves, black platform heeled oxfords and some tights. I also have a white short trench which will work well cross seasons when it gets crispy and sprinkly around here and will be a nice pop because I wear so much black!

    I'm also going to do a sweater overhaul when I re evaluate what I have. I've gotten rid of so much and my tastes are changing away from patterns and more into just supreme, elegant cashmere in all styles and colors (t-shirt, v-neck, turtleneck etc).

    I'm a SUCKER for F/W clothing.
  9. I've bought quite a bit for fall already:blush:. But's because I'm moving to new york from la and am terrified of the weather! lol. But other than chrisitan louboutin shoes, nothing too expensive. Just a few turtleneck dresses from Old Navy, Gap and American Apparel. A black balenciaga-inspired blazer from bcbg. A striped cardigan and a little boy's navy blazer from gap. And this black pleated empire coat from juicy couture to go over dresses. http://www.shopbop.com/shop/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441804115&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302029428&fm=whatsnew&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474395181057&bmUID=1186010219786

    (I ususally don't buy juicy, but this one was too cute! and it's pretty discreet for juicy anyways.) But right now, for me anyways, it looks like: Lots of black opaque tights. Lot's of scarves and ethnic necklaces. New highwaisted or kick flare jeans to go with my assortment of skinny jeans. And I'm loving the yves klein blue/electric blue accents everywhere right now!

    I'll probably buy more eventually, (like big red wellies and black gloves) but right now I just want to wait until I get to nyc. Sigh. I'm actually scared for this fall; I feel really unprepared! lol.
  10. i bought my espresso mike&chris leather hoodie. i'm already starting to wear it as nights are getting chilly (and the jacket somehow makes me feel better about the late work nights) I also bought some ankle boots and a bunch of tights. knit dresses, tights and boots are my fall MO
  11. I bought quite a bit of fashion last year and it will all be very current this year. I plan on wearing lots of black, grey, brown and denim.

    The only thing I will buy is a Violet Balenciaga Handbag and a Cognac Ostrich Handbag. I may also buy a cashmere hoodie or two from JCrew but that's IT!!!!
  12. metallic is going to be in this fall/winter.

    I got a bronze metallic leather jacket that's bubble sleeves with big buttons. Cheap and chic from the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I also score another grey metallic long cardigan from Philip Lim during the anniversary sale. I think these are good buys...havent done any shoe shopping yet but did some purse shoppings.
  13. ^Ooh, I saw that jacket, it's very cute!
    I'm going to get a cashmere sweater from vince and some new boots. And I can finally start wearing my Mike and Chris leather jacket! Yay for fall!
  14. I'm moving in September and using it as an opportunity to revamp my wardrobe. I have too many overly trendy and juvenile pieces. I've been giving away, selling, and donating my old things like crazy.

    I've been buying lots of sweaters (short sleeve, long sleeve, cardigan, etc.) in neutral and deep jewel tones. I need some nice tailored pants, though (my complete list is in my blog. ;))
  15. im going out tomorrow to start getting some warmer clothes since there has been no summer in the UK and im sick of being cold.
    iv got my eye on some deep jewel coloured silk shirts and i always buy tweed trousers.

    this year im going to need some smart work wear too and i dont know wear to start.