Fall Stam Alert !!!

  1. If any of you ladies are interested in the fall line Saks has a few of the new ones in stock.1 Black Nappa Stam,1 Stam Hobo in Mouse,1 Bronze Stam.These were available 30 minutes ago when I headed home.

    You can call this location an ask to speak to Carmen Barner if you're interested.They will be more than glad to ship.

    9214 Stony Point Parkway
    Richmond,Virginia 23235
    Phone# (804)320-6960 ext: 5356

    They had more this morning but they are going fast,these were still available .
  2. Does that black nappa stam look slouchier than the spring calf leather?
  3. The new stam is constructed to be a bit less slouchy according to the SA.
    I was considering the Stam Hobo in Chesnut but after seeing it IRL I think I'll pass,it reminds me of a stuffed pillow :sad: ,add that heavy chain an you've got yourself one hell of a backache :roflmfao: .
  4. vegas mj has the black stam as well, but they have several available. they also had the stam hobo and little stam.