Fall SHOES up on Gucci.com!!!!

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  1. Thank u dear

    Love the Gold sandals :drool:
  2. Thank you for posting this, I was curious about the GG Crystal. Since the description says "fabric", is this material something like coated canvas or is it patent leather? Either way, it looks nice. I'm anxious to see the bags.
  3. Trust me the bags are gorgeous! Hopefully they will be up soon
  4. I emailed Gucci early last week asking when the new bags are going to be up on Gucci.com and they never emailed me back.
  5. Hopefully now that shoes are up that means purses will be soon.
  6. Don't shoot me (!), but I'm not loving the crystal GG and also the black patent leather bamboo doll pumps. I don't know, it just doesn't look expensive to me. Maybe I have to see it in real life...

    I like how they're carrying forward some shoes from the cruise collection, but the LA pumps look so much better in white! The gold one has the black heel and platform, something I'm not a fan of...

    Ah well, maybe I'll change my mind when I see them in real life. I do love the flats though!
  7. pretty!! the bow is too cute.

    thanks for posting!