Fall shoes from Chloe & more from LVR

  1. I posted this link in the thread about LVR pre orders in the Chloe section, but since it's about shoes, I thought a thread here would be a good idea.

    This is the chloe fall collection, available for preorder on LVR:


    And you can also check out the other designers in the menu on the left side. (Has Marc Jacobs lost his mind???)
  2. Other than the buckle boots,which I already know don't fit my calves,I don't really see anything there that appeals to me very much this time Vicky.The decollete pumps are quite nice,but at 110mm with no platform even I bow out :lol:. Thanks for posting that though.

    Have you found the link for MJ shoes too? I can't see any of the fall stuff!!!
  3. If you click on Marc Jacobs under Designer on the left side, that should lead to the MJ shoes.