Fall Shoe Shopping List

  1. Post yours! :yes:

    These are mine:

    [​IMG] ROGER VIVIER (maybe in the Colette special edition purple though)




  2. Wow. The Roger Vivier and the second pair of CL are works of art!
  3. gorgeous gorgeous --- can you walk in those heels ???
  4. omg :drool::drool::wtf:
  5. holy s&*%. i am obsessed with both louboutins. i am going to dream about them tonight. retail prices?
  6. Sonya...you and I have the exact same taste in shoes!!! I cannot find the cream studded Louboutins anywhere...where did you find them???
  7. The studded CLs are for the fall collections.
  8. the black CL with the ribbon is gorrrgeousss

    i wish i wasnt tall enough to hit the tops of doorways when wearing heels...lucky girl lol
  9. wow! love the 2nd CL, although i couldnt walk in them...

    i wanted everyday ankle boots and got those. i wish for the perfect black pump.... but does that even exist?
  10. The studded Louboutins are around $900 in the UK, but I think they will be slightly cheaper in the US.

    I also want these Roger Vivier boots.
  11. The studded cream CLs are sooooo hot! And the RV in purple would be to die for!!!!

    I don't wear my heels out enough to get new ones unfortunately, but maybe i'll get some Michel Perry boots .. I really want a pair of his shoes, everytime i goto Barneys, they NEVER have my size.
  12. I wanted these Louboutin studded boots at first (they are actually at Neiman Marcus right now for around $1200), but then I found out that the Mary Janes exist, so that's what I want instead.
  13. ^^^ Mary Janes are better. Are the cream ones available in the US yet?
  14. No idea. I would think they are, or will be soon, especially since I saw the boot version in person.
  15. I also wanted the studded boots...but after seeing the mary jane's...I have also changed my mind!!! Thanks for the pic Sonya...you have given me a new pair of shoes to lust after!!!