Fall Scarf Shopping Spree

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  1. I get this call. Wasn't even dressed for the day....and I knew I needed to go in and see.

    so many choices. I wanted so many things.

    what did I get? a big stack full for sure....
  2. Spill!!!!!
  3. I had to get dressed for sure. what mood was I in? scarf as a top bag with my new Massai...and my orange croc CDC....
  4. so I get there. so many things. some not even posted on the pics of the fall 2007 scarf thread.

    so many choices.

    so many colors.

    so much fun.

    I picked out 5.

    when I got home my little dog was so curious.

    She wants one for herself.
  5. what 5 could it be?
  6. before I pull them out I must make sure my puppy watches out...

    ...to make sure my husband doesn't come home...
  7. OMG GG spill!!!! :yahoo: Your Massai/scarf/bracelet are soooo gorgeous!
  8. [​IMG]

    Awwww, what a cute doggie!
  9. anyone want to see pics?
  10. Meeeeeeeeeee!

    Hurry up, remember you have to stash to loot before hubby gets home....
  11. YESSSSSSSSSSS! Me! Me! Me! I want to see pix!!!!
  12. Wait. You bought five scarves and only got one ribbon? Hmph.

    My doggie waves hi to your cutie!
  13. can't wait to see
  14. I told them I wanted them wrapped up like an old time set of papers. I asked for it to be like that. thought it would be fun to walk out holding the top of ribbon
  15. so I will start with a new 70cm vintage silk scarf....