Fall reissues coming to Singapore! Yay!

  1. Harlow girls, just to let those living in or near Singapore know...Chanel Sg will be bringing in the Fall reissues in metallic black, dark silver and light silver!!! Not sure if they will be bringing the full range of sizes, but I am currently on the waitlist for a 226. It costs S$4,220, which is approximately USD2,776 thereabouts? (basing this on exchange rate of S$1.52= USD1)
  2. Oh...shiny hair, good for you, did you reserve it at the Ngee Ann city Chanel?

    Edtied to add: oh, the bag will be selling in the US for USD2350; I understand that good and services tax in Singapore is now 7%, is your S$4220 inclusive of tax?

  3. Hi IceEarl!! Yes I did... Very nice SA remembered my enquiry there from 2 mths back and actually called me back! It should be inclusive of tax, she didn't say anything about adding tax.

    Am actually in a dilemma now cos the bag I reserved in Chanel in the US is USD2445 as quoted to me, plus shipping and 7% tax once shipped in, it's actually only S$100-200 cheaper than if I get it here in Sg. But at least I am guaranteed the bag from the US, here I'm only on the waitlist. What would you guys do?? Get the bag shipped from the US?
  4. Is USD for size 227?
    My SA in US quoted me USD2350 plus shipping USD, this is the price to HK, maybe HK is a tax free region, there is no addtional tax added.

    I suggest you confirm with your US SA again if she is quoting a 227 or 226 price, don't cancel the order in the US so at least you are on both lists, you can decide which one you want when it's time to hand in your credit card..

    Did your Spore SA tell you the expected delivery date?
  5. Wow Singapore is getting so expensive. I had no idea the 226 reissue costs that much there :wtf:
  6. Congrats!! Quite expensive though...
  7. The USD2445 quoted to me was for the 226 size! My only rationale for the price difference is either some places are starting the damn price increase early, or the Dept Stores such as NM and Saks are simply cheaper than the boutiques. This price quoted to me was for the Chanel boutique in Hawaii.

    Noooo, she didn't! She was apparently unable to tell me when it's coming in YET. But yes good advice, I won't cancel my order yet.
  8. Oops... my shipping cost to HK is USD45.
  9. Yes I think so too! Do you mean expensive to buy here in Sg? You are just so lucky that HK is tax-free.. If Sg was tax-free, I'd be saving about S$400!!
  10. ooh cool! Have u any idea when its coming in?im heading back to Spore in mid aug! I would like to have a look first before putting myself on the waitlist..but then again, it would probably be sold out by then.:girlsigh:
  11. Yes, I think the tax is making every handbag expensive besides from Chanel's price increase this season! LOL..

    Yes, me and IceEarl are sooo lucky we're from HK! Hehe!

  12. well said.;)
  13. Sorry babydoll, no idea! I asked her TWICE but she said she doesn't know when it's coming in. All she could do was put me on the waitlist, but she's a very sweet lady. Perhaps you can call the Chanel boutique in Ngee Ann City to check? Her name is Anthea.

  14. Don't cancel yr order in US yet. Generally, (depends on the popularity of the bags) each design..maximum 2-3 bags of each shipment:tdown:of each design (on top of that, they don't bring in the whole range too)..hence u have to be the waitlist No.1-4.. to be on the safe side.

    I would be definitely think it is better to get it in S'pore (no guarantee thgh):p

    On top of that, U can't check the physical bag/fluctuation of USD agst Sing Dollar ..the saving is minimial
    Did u check with the US side..in the event that u need to return the bag,who is covering the shipping cost back to them??

  15. Arrrgh no I didn't, didn't even think that far ahead! Thanks for the heads up though, I think I will definitely have to check with them if they cover shipping in case I need to return the bag. I really didn't think it would be so damn difficult to get my first Chanel!!! It better be worth it...