Fall RAOK?

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  1. anyone?

    feels like it should be that time again.

    What do you think D? xo:graucho:
  2. Sounds fun! I'm in! :smile:
  3. You know I'm in! Could we make the deadline after Halloween sometime? Maybe the second week of November? Just a little request from little ol' me. I could have used more time last time we did this. :smile:
  4. count me in! i think i have to agree with cocoa..i work retail and november is choas cause of black friday! lol
  5. can someone fill me in? im lost lol but sounds interesting
  6. hey viviana! RAOK, is Random Acts of Kindness...this would be my second one, but from what I learned the first time, is everyone that joins, is partnered with a fellow lambie, but in secret. we all buy each other small gifts or suprises, just because it's nice. :biggrin:
  7. kinda like secret santa ? lol
  8. ^^Yep! Same concept viviana!:biggrin:
  9. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....if we are pushing the dealine back, should we just make it an xmas one and make the deadline dec 10 or something?
  10. cocoa...that sounds great. nicole, im down for a christmas one. id love to take advantage of black friday shopping for my lambie loves.

    let me chat with lambiepie and she what she thinks. is everyone ok with that? we could draw names like last week of oct. and ship out no later than dec 10th? that gives about 5 weeks. its probably a longer amount of time than we have done before. my only concern is that the length in time may cause people to forget, ect. but! weve never had a problem before...

    PS, last time there was 15 of us!!!
  11. ^^Whatever you girls decide will be great. I just appreciate you taking another one on....thank you!!
  12. I'm all ready participating in another Raok, so I'm out.
  13. Did we ever decide whether to do a Fall or Holiday RAOK? I'd still love to participate. :smile: