fall preorders on LVR!

  1. lots of bags to choose from! go get em!
  2. Where are they? I seem to keep getting their standard stuff to show up. Can't see any fall pre-orders.
  3. Wait, I see them now! Ack, forgot to click on the Fall/winter section!
  4. I've just perused thru the Chloe section and my mind is boggling:shocked:! So many styles and colours! They're kinda everywhere atm and a lot of the picture links are not working for me. I would love to see all the pics of the various colours! But there's a Paddy satchel there that has really caught my eye!!! Well..erm.. as well as a lot of other things there:shame:.

    But I mean this one especially!
  5. hmmmmmmmmm.....I kinda like this one.
  6. OMG, so many new styles... And it looks like they have finally made a paddington with a shoulder strap that works! And lots of new shoes, too...
  7. oh no ...they're heeeaaar!!! wow what a choice. i love that side pocket paddy too. anyone know where we can find the dimensions? how about the edith box? i'm liking that a lot. and what do you think the difference is btwn regular paddy and paddy vachette? it looks like longer handles which would be heaven...
  8. Hello, what is their website? Thank you!
  9. Oh my! That red is TDF. I think I'm gonna commit paddicide and buy another one.
  10. luisaviaroma.com
  11. I saw the side pocket paddy at Intermix. Maybe you can call them and ask for the measurements...
  12. Paddicide lmao :roflmfao::roflmfao: That's too funny!
  13. I can't seem to find them - when I click on the fall/winter page I get nothing. Can someone pretty please post a link? Thanks!
  14. Edit: Crud, I linked the s/s line. The f/w line isn't showing now.
  15. I think they must be updating their F/W stuff on the website coz now I'm not getting anything either. Before when I was able to see the items, they were a bit all over the place, poorly organised and lots of the pics didn't work.