Fall Prada Belt!!

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    My SA sent me this pic ..do you think its too much???I kinda like it but Im wondering how much that metal:shrugs: sticks out..LOL..dont wanna snag any sweaters..What do you all think?
  2. Those metals (animals?) are so in now, gosh, they are everywhere (bags, belts). Jill, I personally don't like the belt (just like the black tote with the lion that you returned). =(
  3. Good point about snagging sweaters - did not think about that - could be a serious problem.
  4. I like it. But then I like the 'fantastic beast' animal hardware that's been going on at Prada.
  5. I think it's a bit too over the top..
  6. I like the style but I think the gold color is a little too flashy. Maybe if it were a lighter shade or a matte gold...
  7. I have to say it is not my cup of tea - I agree the gold is just a bit too gold!!!:smile:

    Also I think the sweater snagging could be an issue
  8. Agreed! too gold!
  9. its not jumping at me. sorry.
  10. Wow. I'm not a flashy dresser, by any stretch, and I don't normally go for much gold. But I do like these. I don't think they are too much, at all!
  11. the belt is very dolce from this season. How much is the belt?
  12. 445
  13. ooooh what black bag with gold hardware did you return?? is it the one that is 3000 with the dragon in the front

    i never knew it came in black i always thought it only came in brown