Fall Picks

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  1. Here's my pick for Fall. This is my favorite I love the way this sat on my shoulder, the drop, the ease in getting inside the bag and the quality of the leather.
    It's the Berkerly Hobo. $550.00 IMG_0570.JPG
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  2. The only thing on my wishlist is a Perry tote with a metallic interior. Black with rose gold would be heavenly. Sadly, I'm not a fan of many of the newer styles because I prefer larger bags.
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  3. I want to love the Perry tote, it's just too big for me, alas I'll have to admire from afar!
  4. Love the Perry, would get another in my fav purple color!!
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  5. The Perry tote has really grown on me lately, but if I were going to buy something it would be the Harper Messenger. It's the perfect size for a crossbody and can fit all the essentials with room to spare. Plus it passes the iPad Test!
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  6. The Harper is very well made and a great choice but it's just way too small for me :sad: I need a bag that can hold an 11 inch laptop.
  7. I always go for totes if I want to carry a laptop because I find it more comfortable. Satchels get heavy to carry in the crook of my arm and crossbodys tend to dig into my shoulder.
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  8. I feel like I could really love this if it weren't for the strap! The multi color takes it from being so neutral (especially in the french grey) to being very 'fall'. :sad:
  9. Beautiful pick for Fall. Very classic, is that French gray?
  10. Yes it is, I don't have anything in that color so it would be a nice addition.
  11. I just ordered the same hobo in French gray too since it was on sale for $385
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  12. I just saw that the Berkerly Hobo is on sale for $369 at Nordstrom.

    I'm eyeing the Fleming Convertible Shoulder Bag in Bedrock! She's so so pretty!
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  13. This is my fall/ universal bag. My husband randomly bought it for me. This is my first tory burch bag, so I'm very excited to finally have one.

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  14. Yay! That is so classic! Welcome to the TB family! :smile:
  15. Thank you, happy to be apart of the family now. Lol