Fall Patchwork or Holiday Patchwork

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  1. I have the fall patchwork rite now but I thinking about selling it and getting the holiday patchwork instead which one would you pick between the 2?? i decided to go this rought since I canst decide between the holiday and studded tote...



  2. Well it sorta depends on if you want a neutral palette or a colorful one. Do you wear a lot of colors for clothing or do you wear mostly neutral? If you are like some of my friends that wear mostly denim, black, white, tan and khaki then I would get the holiday patchwork to throw in some color into the mix without having to buy new clothes to match it. If you wear a lot of colored shirts and such then the neutral fall patchwork will set it off nicely and you won't have to worry about what color bag you match to your shirts each day, etc.

    I personally think the prettier scheme of the two is holiday patchwork but that is because I love rich velvety colors like the blues and the burgundy set off by gold....
    I do adore animal print, however. Each bag is unique and can serve a different purpose!
  3. yeah I dont know if I want to give up my current bag for it.. ehh but I am in the love with that patchwork lol
  4. me too....haha...and you are def getting the studded tote??? that one may be around for a little while, patchwork goes away faster :smile:
  5. I love the jewel tones in the bleecker holiday patchwork :smile:
  6. hehe maybe I'll just have to get them both then sell my fall set after ???
  7. seems like it is the best time rite now to buy it since there is the 25% off for coach customers on their mailing list
  8. That is always my policy! Overspend during 25% off and either return or keep for a rainy day :tup:
  9. \

    they dont do the 25% off online orders do they??
  10. I like the fall patchwork one. I've never been a fan of any of the animal prints so I don't like the cheetah and snake patterns on the holiday patchwork. I also like the color pallate of the fall better... richer colors.

  11. I am a little confused.. the fall is the one with the cheetah snake etc.. and the holiday is the richer colored one .. do you mean you like the holiday better??

  12. Oh really? *lol* That should be a clear indication of how much I don't care for patchwork... Haha!! I guess I assumed the gold one was the holiday one because it looks more holiday-ish with the gold. Hahahaha. Okay, I like whichever one is the darker one!!
  13. I think the second bag is nicer looking since the colors go well together. :smile:
  14. Well, I guess Im a little biast cause I have the fall patchwork Carly. I do like both but my choice is definetely the fall patchwork.