Fall Patchwork in Outlets?

  1. Hey everyone...I was wondering if anyone has seen the patchwork gallery totes from the fall in the outlets yet? If not does anyone know if and when they will make it to the outlets?
  2. I am not sure how things work in the outlets but this year I saw last years patchwork. I could have sworn an SA told me the hang on to the stuff for a year then send it.
  3. Yes...the patchwork totes and duffles are in the outlets. I saw them a couple of weeks ago.
  4. the Fall 07 patchwork??
  5. Yes
  6. they re coming watch out! a lot of stuff is coming
  7. Would you happen to know how soon?
  8. very very very soon
  9. Katrynar...do you know if they have it specifically at the Woodbory outlet?? I am going on Monday... I will return the holiday patchwork lunch tote for it haha..
  10. they should be but i dont remember specifically... call first... its either woodbury or riverhead.. it may be this week or next week because of the holiday
  11. my outlet said they will have them out on Jan.2
  12. I remember last year when I went to Tilton a few weeks after xmas they had all the patchwork out but it went fast so You should call and if there is a specific one you are looking for then have them put a charge hold on it. Also make sure you ask a SA or a manager to check it to make sure it is perfect. I had a charge hold on a bag one time and got there early and it was damaged. I was lucky that the one on the floor was in perfect condition so you would think they would check for such things but you really have to request it.
  13. The fall 07 patchwork duffles and totes were out 2 weeks ago at the Seattle outlet.