Fall Patchwork Carly....anyone have pics???

  1. I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to abitzberger who "taught me" how to do my first charge/send today!!!!! I now have a Fall Patchwork Carly on it's way to me from Vacaville!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooo excited b/c I didnt know a THING about charge/sends and neither did my outlet!!!! Apparently the West Coast Coach, and the East Coast Coach have different regional managers.....but, after a few phone calls back and forth, it was a GO! :yahoo:The bag should be arriving to me on Friday (HOPEFULLY!!!!), but I was wondering who has this bag and if you can post me some pics of it, and some modelling pics so I can drool NOW!!!!! :drool: ANY pics would be GREATLY appreciated!!!! When I finally decided I wanted this bag after thinking about it since it came out, it was gone, as always seems to happen! I am sooooooooooooo EXCITED and wanted to share w/all of you as well as express my thanks to abitzberger who is one of the NICEST Coachies I have met on here! :yes: It's so nice to come to a place where everyone cares about everyone else and wants to help!!!! TIA, everyone for ANY pics you can post of this bag!!!!!
  2. Awww!!! You are too sweet! I am just so excited that you were able to get it!!! Yay!!!!
    This is the bag I am talking about but I NEED to see it modelled on SOMEONE....ANYONE!!!!!! HELP!!

  4. Oh I like that carly! How much is it at the outlets?
  5. CONGRATS.....AGAIN! LOL......can't wait to see pics :yes:
  6. I think under the Coach collections thread, ranskimmie has that bag in her collection pic. Maybe you could ask her to model it? :smile:

    Ps... I LOVE that bag! I have that pattern in the gallery tote & *LOVE* it bc the colors act almost as neutrals with any outfit. Congrats!! & I hope we get to see modeling pics too once it arrives!!
  7. I couldnt find this thread you mentioned above!!! Any chance you can show me your gallery tote? I just LOVE the fall patchwork...in ANY bag~!!!!! and YES you will definitely get to see modelling pics once she arrives (they think Friday!!!!)
  8. Thank you sooooo much! I just checked it out and asked her to take some modelling pics!!!!! Thank you for letting me know!!!!!!!
  9. Here ya go!

    I just got the bag yesterday,I love it! :heart:

    I have the scarf tied on...


    I'm 5'9" for scale
  10. OMG!!!!!!! She's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!:drool: I cant wait to get MINE!!!!! :yahoo: And I love the scarf too!!!! Thanks so much for the pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I almost bought that one today at my local outlet, but I got the basic black gallery tote instead.
  12. I love the bag! THe only thing that bothers me about it is I think that coach kind of cheaped out on it by not putting the same amount of detail on each side- the individually sewn on C's and the detail of the stitching on the brown suede is only one side of the bag!
  13. *making*me*want*to*call*an*outlet*:sweatdrop:*trying to maintain control!!*:sweatdrop:

    HA HA:winkiss:
  14. Mommyville...I agree with cverhoff...CONGRATS AGAIN!!! :lol: Seriously, I am happy you are getting the patchwork carly....looking forward to your pics!!:tup: