Fall Paddys-Tote with bottom zip or shoulder bag?

  1. I just bought the orange tote with bottom zip but I don't know if I made the right decision. I kind of wanted the shoulder bag but I went with the tote because I can carry and wear it on the shoulder.
    What do you guys think?
  2. Did you buy the zippy bag with 2 straps? Can you post a photo?
    The new orange is gorgeous :love:
  3. I saw a long one with a bottom zip at Nordies a few days ago and I tried it on, but wasn't in love. I have a shoulder bag and I love it. It definite helps with the weight issue too.
  4. I can't post picture right now because my digital camera is broken.
    Yes, I bought the one with two straps.
  5. Yes, it's the left one in the back.
    It seems like most of the people like the shoulder bag.
    I think I'm going to the store again and try the shoulder bag.
  6. If I buy one this season it will be the new shoulder bag on the right.
    I like it better than the hobo or the shopper.
  7. I agree chicbags. I tried the new shoulder bag today -- Loved it!:heart:
  8. I saw the shoulder bag today and really like it alot,BUT I had just bought the Dior Rebelle..so I couldnt buy another bag..LOL..its cute IRL..I like it alot!
  9. Wow, the shoulder bag on BG.com - grey with the silver hardware is beautiful!!
  10. I saw the shoulder bag in "pewter" metallic with silver hardware today at Nordstrom .................. it was BEAUTIFUL!!
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