Fall Paddys at Nordstrom

  1. My SA at Nordstrom called me yesterday to let me know that some Fall paddys came in. I took some pictures when I went to check them out today. There are 2 new styles, a tote with bottom zip and the shoulder bag. I love, love the shoulder bag and actually have the choco on hold. Excuse the quality of the pics, I took them using my cellphone. Anyway, there's choco, creme and orange colors. That's the exact colors on the tags. If you're interested on any of them, please call Georgette at (408) 248-2180 x1250. She's off the next couple of days but will be at work on Tuesday.
    creme paddys.jpg orange paddys.jpg shoulder bag.jpg
  2. thanks pnay71, where is this located?
  3. ^^I guess I forgot to add that little detail. :biggrin: This is the Nordstrom at Valley Fair in Santa Clara, CA.
  4. Thanks for the update! I like the idea of the shoulder bag too! May I ask, how much were they?
  5. Thanks Pnay71, did you happen to see if there's any old Paddys for sale at that location?

    I'm still on a search for a mousse paddy, and if all else fails, i'll have to order from LVR (mousse = taupe right?).
  6. Banjo, mousse and taupe are different colours. mousse is the grey/green one and taupe is like a tan but sorta flesh-coloured.
  7. thank you for the photos. which one is the shoulder bag? thanks!
  8. Oops, thanks. still new to the paddy's, but its definitely the mousse i want then. Originally was craving for the choco one, but my taste buds changed to the mousse. :P
  9. hehe, I know how those "taste buds" can change! Once upon a time, I really wanted a choco but then decided to wait for the new fall choco to come out. Now that they're here for pre-order.. I'm like, ehh..

    I still do like the choco Paddy but other things are occupying my mind atm:smile:
  10. I'm thinking the shoulder bag is the one with the long strap in the pics. See the choco one by itself? I reckon that's it. It's also shown in the creme and orange pics:smile:
  11. mousse=dove grey on net a porter
  12. Pnay, you MUST have a choco! It's so beauuuutiful!!! Take her home!:graucho:
  13. That tote looks really nice! I wish they would lose the big lock, though. Any idea how much the totes are going for? Is that the new orange color?
  14. I just saw the new orange color yesterday at my Nordstrom. it's very rich in color, sort of matte finish and warm toned. I saw some girl trying it on and liked it
  15. ^^^Which Nordstrom? The two closest to me do not carry Chloe...Redondo Beach and Cerritos..