Fall Paddingtons at NAP

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. i emailed NAP to find out what paddy styles they will have for fall. here's the response!

    - Anthracite Paddington bag with side straps and front pocket
    - Orange leather large Paddington bag with side straps
    - Anthracite Paddington tote bag
    - New shape open tote shopper with zip around bottom
    - Bronze classic Paddington
    - Light brown classic Paddington
    - Tobacco brown classic Paddington
    - Sand classic Paddington
    - Black classic Paddington
    - Black small Paddington clutch bag
    - Navy small Paddington clutch bag
    - Bronze small Paddington clutch bag
    - Light brown classic Medium Paddington tote
    - Lipstick red classic Medium Paddington tote
    - Black metallic classic Paddington
    - Navy metallic classic Paddington
    - Black metallic Paddington shopper with zip around bottom
  2. No Chocolate or Ivory paddingtons?
  3. maybe chocolate is the tobacco brown?
  4. Speaking of fall bags, my Nordies just called and they got in some of them. The rest are coming in next month.
  5. LVR has this brownish metallic one with silver hardware that's just GORGEOUS.
    Not sure what the color is called...
  6. I wonder if the lipstick red is the same red they released in 05.
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