Fall NYC Sample Sale

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  1. I just booked a day in NYC for Oct. 20th to visit a best friend. Hoping it coincides with the Fall SS though, too!
  2. Not sure but isn't it typically november? Have you ever gone and does anyone know if its usually a crazy house?

    Hope TPF girls gets notice!
  3. It's usually that weekend in October, so I'm hopefully. I've never been to the special TPF night, but normally it's not too much of a mad house!
  4. Actually I remember it as being in November usually. Something like the week before Thanksgiving.
  5. Yes, it's usually in November (week before Thanksgiving)
  6. I must not have remembered correctly, bummer! Better for my wallet though!
  7. C'mon back in November and lets all have a purse forum meet up and shopping spree! Hee hee. Bad...i'm a bad influence.

  8. Well, said trip that I posted about earlier was a disaster and I ended up with a $65 travel voucher. Not much, but enough that I might be able to be convinced to return LOL