Fall Metallic Bowler-style Bag

  1. Hey, since Prada doesn't really give names to the bags, i put the best description of the bag in the title.

    I went to the prada store on Long Island and looked into the gauffre bags, which are wonderful but were either too big or were handheld styles (i don't like the combo shoulder straps/bag handles).

    so instead of getting a gauffre, i ended up buying the Vitello Danio Antik bowler bag with straps that can fit over the shoulder (i have toddlers and a newborn so no handhelds for me). It's in the color Piombo - it's a two tone color, beige and pewter, looks like snakeskin where it changes color in different lights. The style # is BL0307, but i don't see it on any website. I have the zipper version, and there is a frame version too.

    Basically it's the size of Marc Jacobs small multipocket, but the shape is a large version of the Chanel bowlers that are "in" this season.

    Have any of you ladies seen it? I think it's a really cool color b/c of the two tone, it can go with any outfit. The SA liked it over the deerskin brown version which is slightly larger, b/c there's more structure with the metallic bag.

    it's very cool, but i'm wondering if i should go back and get the brown one which is lovely to touch and classic looking, but doesn't stand out as much as the metallic.
  2. [​IMG]
    i found this picture off of someone else's post, b/c this is the exact shape and design of the bag but in a metallic two tone color that i mentioned.
  3. Can you post a pic of yours????DYING to see it!
  4. What Jill said! LOL

  5. Was it one of these two? I was eyeballing the first one a while back, but wanted to see it IRL first and never did.
  6. yup, the second one is the one!! where did you find the pics? the color looks different in the photo, but IRL there's a two tone to it. it seems to go with a lot of colors.

    what do you ladies think? it fits nicely under my arm, and it's big enough to carry everyday essentials plus a mid size makeup bag and a paperback book! it's not too loud?
  7. It's from Styledrops.com. I love both bags and really like this particular tone for a metallic. I was toying with that one as well as the first one in that post, but I actually prefer a single strap bag. I can keep those on my droopy shoulders easier. ;)

    I even called the Prada store on Broadway and they didn't have either one, so I got my MJ Stam instead. :wlae:
  8. I love the shape of the bag BUT I never buy metallics...so Im biased against them!!LOL!