Fall Lookbook

  1. The new fall look book is in stores. I wasn't too thrilled with whats to come(with the exception of the new version of the cabas in green). Anyone else agree? I feel like this past year had some great bags.
  2. Good info. I'll have to pop in to have a look. Thanks.
  3. Rats. Was so looking forward to next season.

    I was just at Tysons and asked if they knew what was coming for Fall and they said they hadn't received the book yet.
  4. Jenny, I saw the lookbook last week too! The new version of the cabas was interesting and saw just a few others that caught my eye but can't remember the names. Can't wait for the trunk show in 3 weeks to see them in person! But I want to go back and take another look!
  5. What does the new version of the cabas look like? I would love to get one with the CC on the leather like the original cabas. What shade of green????
  6. sound interesting....someone can post pics maybe.....:rolleyes:
  7. please post pics! pics! pics!
  8. GREEN CABAS???????????????

    OMG!**Jill faints...**
  9. Yes, please do tell more about the shade of GREEN. :greengrin:

    I've been dying for a Chanel bag in emerald or forest green for the longest time...
  10. In the pic it looked forest green. It is the size of the baby cabas according to my SA who started measuring the dimensions.
  11. yeah, please some pics!!
  12. But what about the style of the baby cabas? Is it the same as the one now or did they change it to look more like the original cabas? I love the shade of green that the LV denim bags are. That would be great if Chanel made that color because it really does go with anything.
  13. I am going back to chanel tonight I will look again at the book and study it. I know the new cabas didn't have the quilting on the bottom.
  14. how exciting!
  15. cant wait to see it!