1. the new swing packs! in blue scarf! i love that its more abstract so it doesnt scream C! C! C! COACH!

    [​IMG]it also has nice is it suede? detailing that looks great. and for 158! it would be a great bag till i can get my anxious hands on a mulberry antony. but what do you think about it?

    id carry around a small notebook, a mini zip, and my cell, maybe an ipod or something. worth it?
  2. it's a good price...get it if you love it!
  3. sorry all! i didnt realize i made a double post! any way to delete it or am i suppose to ask vlad?
  4. this is what i was talking about...or should i get the file bag?
  5. I love that bag too! It is so adorable and would look awesome! I say get that if you love it and for that price you can't really complain:yes:
  6. i saw it at the coach store, its pretty small, wasnt as impressed as i thought, the other bags in the line look and feel great, i may get that new canvas one with the stripe of Cs in brown though.
  7. BF loves that print! He saw it in the store and went to it ASAP. He left me standing in front of the store. LOL!
  8. ^^ :roflmfao: :lol: at your BF Kathyrose!! That's the first time I've heard of a guy getting drawn into a store by a purse! He sounds like a keeper :biggrin:
  9. I just got first look at the fall stuff. I really like the one soho tote but it says it only comes in white and tobbaco so I have to wait and see if they put it out in black. I only buy leather in black. I love the scarf prints and my dh was even drawn to them so it must be a guy thing.