Fall Kooba styles?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    Do you know when Kooba will post some of the Fall collection on their site? I'm even more curious when places like Revolve and AE will get their Fall shipments in.

    I am itching for some new Kooba love.
  2. Going by their past track record, Kooba.com will probably be lagging (or one of the the last) to put their new Fall line on their website. eBay sellers had them in before Kooba had them on the website for the past Spring line.

    But hope springs eternal...they may catch a clue.
  3. Isn't that crazy! I think last Spring I saw the first Spring bag on eBay with the websites following by a week or two. Elux had the Nicole up first I think but the pics and colors didn't match. The NM had a Botkier Sasha listed as a Kooba Duffle bag. I was all excited until I found out it wasn't even the right pic. eBay seller shad all the bags up long before Kooba had them on their website. You would think they would demand to be first.

    I read somewhere that the first Spring bags will be showing in June but I think they are just new colors on Spring styles.