Fall Kooba Pics!!!!

  1. Aha! I knew my buddy would come through for me. Vira (wife of the LNinos duo) is sending me the Fall sheets via snail mail. I will scan them and get them to you asap. I begged her that we all needed to seen them. She said she's sending them so we could look them all over and see the styles and what we might want. I bet we can place pre-orders with her if we want.

    Her 1st Baby Boy is due August 27th. I asked her what we would do without her and she said she's only taking 1 week off...and then back to ebaying. I think I am going to send her a gift. She has been so great to me.
  2. How exciting!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    Can't wait! (although I'm heading for a purse ban, I'm about to do something really naughty..)

    Up and running eBay after a week? Well, it's her first baby, so she's got no idea what's gonna hit her..LOL

    Let's hope her husband keeps the shop going if she's miscalculating the time she will have on her hands..

    I'm sure she'll appreciate you sending her something for the baby, Lexie, or even something for her after all that hard work:smile:

    Can't wait for those photos!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Lexie Im meant to be on a serious ban...and now you're going to show me more new bags!!!!

    I give up :lol:

    Can wait to see the pics...purely out of curiousity! Not that Im going to buy one or anything :graucho:
  4. LOL
  5. *jumping up and down, twirling round and round*

    can't wait, can't wait!
  6. LOL!!! Can I take it that you busting moves like my signature dancer? I regularly do those moves when I get excited over a kooba! :lol:
  7. :yahoo::wlae::jammin::yes:
  8. Lexie, to heck with posting the photos here. Why don't we all come down to W. Va and meet for lunch to view the new stuff?

    We can make our master buy list for Lninos and send it in all at once. *s

    Seriously, I cannot wait.

    *getting in my car now, driving to WVA to wait by Lexie's mailbox*
  9. Oh hooray! I am so excited!!! :yahoo:

    How nice of her to share those with you (and nice of you to share them with us!)
  10. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! im so excited :smile: i cant wait to see !!! tell her thankk you for us!
  11. I want to see!!!!! Can't wait!!!
  12. ahh i can't wait to see, either!!!!
  13. i wanna seeeeeeee