Fall Jewelry from CHANEL

  1. Here are photos of some of the current jewelry pieces CHANEL offers from their Fall/Winter 2007 collection. All of the following pieces are currently available at Nordstrom Mall of America.

    "Aigle" Eagle Necklace: $635
    "Classic" Necklace in Black and Purple: $635
    "Fleur De Strass" Bracelet: $650
    "Fleur De Verre" Necklace: $775
    Aigle Eagle Necklace 2.JPG Classic Necklace Black.JPG Classic Necklace Purple.JPG Fleur De Strass Bracelet.JPG Fleur De Verre Necklace 2.JPG
  2. "Fleur De Verre" Cuff: $995
    "Lucky Charms" Bracelet: $725
    "Plexi" Necklace: $375
    "Natural Stone" Necklace: $995
    Fleur De Verre Cuff.JPG Luck Charms Bracelet.JPG Plexi Necklace Large 1.JPG Natural Stone.JPG
  3. Cute, but not for me.
  4. pretty! thanks for posting :tup:
  5. i love how they are very colorful with the pretty stones
  6. pretty
  7. Nothing for me. I prefer cute jewellry. Anyway, thanks a lot for posting.
  8. Thanks for posting these, I always love to see what's new from Chanel. Keep the pictures coming :tup:

    I like the Lucky Charms bracelet, I'm awaiting the earrings as I post this ;)
  9. Lucas do you have any of the "Fleur De Strass" necklaces?
  10. I tried on the bracelet and it's SO cute. Had to restrain myself.
  11. Yes we do.
  12. Here is the "Fleur De Strass" pearl necklace for $1150.
    Fleur De Strass Pearls.JPG
  13. oh i like the bracelet!
  14. Ohhh, I have and LOVE this necklace!! :heart: :heart: It looks so great dressed up or down for a casual, but very chic look! :p

  15. How big is the plexi necklace??