Fall Jacket/Cardigan ID Help

  1. Hi y'all- does anyone know what this is called and how much it is? I know it's probably really, really out of my range but I really love the blended wool and buttons over the nylon/ zipper combo:drool:
  2. Anyone? I'm loathe to call an H store because I fear the impulse to buy would be too strong, which is B-A-D because I'm P-O-O-R:p
  3. love it too, it has alot going on for a H rtw piece i.e. perfect for real life as it is not just a cashmere sweater (sorry if i offended H RTW lovers) No idea on price sorry.
  4. Nice pic! I like your avatar too. Sorry can't help.. I'm curious too.
  5. Hi am going to Hermes soon
    which cardigan is it???
  6. ^The brown/ beige thing underneath the blazer and over the white shirt :okay:

    LL88, thanks! It's a pics of me with my luggage preparing to board my Gulfstream :rolleyes: