Fall Ivory/Creme colour...questions

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post in this forum :smile: I am thinking about getting a b-bag in the ivory/creme colour, but I have not seen it in real life. I'm a little afraid it will look like faded white that has been sitting in the sun. Could people with this bag/who have seen it give me their opinions please? Thank you!! :heart:
  2. I think the Ivory/Creme colour is really pretty :yes:

    It is what I would call "winter white", very creamy but not mucky looking like some off-whites can be.

    Do you know Chloe bags at all? Well Ivory is very similar to "Blanc" that Chloe released back in 2006 :yes:

    I hope this helps a bit :flowers:
  3. Bal is totally correct ^^^

    Here are pics of an F/W 07 Ivory City with a S/S 05 White Work and my Chloe's in 06 Blanc:



  4. I have to say the leather on both the City and First was very papery.

    Not at all smooshy like the Tomato First I had my hands on.

    Not at all like the pebbly thick FW 07 bags I saw at NM either.
  5. The color was very pretty though, lots of "mottling" - like the base color was white with a mottling of a darker creamier color on top:

  6. Oh my gorgeous Whites!!! Do they get dirty easily? I have my Chloe front pocket paddy in Blanc- it's still clean, but I am pretty careful- not neurotic though. I think all of these whites are great for fall with the grey and blacks:tup:
  7. The BBags are MUCH harder to keep clean than the Chloes (I had a blanc paddy and it stayed perfect for over a year).
  8. that's the first time i've seen the F/W ivory - stunning! - oh no! - another one added to my ever expanding list! :idea:
  9. hmwe... I have to say.. you take some awesome pictures.. of your bags. The lighting and everything... veerrrry nice. Love the Chloe shoes t:huh:~! :wlae:
  10. thanks Oogie :blush:

    hopefully my love for the BBag shows through in my pics :heart:
  11. oh, here is the back side and I think you can really see the texture in this shot:

  12. Hi,

    I have a creme city. It is gorgeous, but gets dirty real easily. The color is hard to explain..it has a little bit of yellow in it, kind've like vanilla ice cream..it is real creamy kind've like a vintage creamy white color..if that makes sense...:push:
  13. I thought the same thing, but it definitely doesn't look like a yellowed white. It's very different from any other Bbag I have seen. It's sort of mottled, two toned. Know the popcorn jelly bean color, that ivory with little darker ivory spotches? That's how Daphne described it and I think that is very accurate. Very pretty color and all that I have seen have very nice leather.
  14. I really love that ivory color.... I"m scared of it getting dirty. I have a blanc Chloe Betty... so hopefully that will hold me over. :smile: lol