Fall Items on Gucci.com

  1. Hooray!! All the fall items are up on gucci.com. My bank account is in trouble!
  2. I just checked and there are so many bags I want! :drool: My poor wallet is in trouble.
  3. It's about time!!! I just noticed that they added a feature that you can rotate the bag. Is that new or have they always had and I just never noticed?
  4. FINALLY! I'm gonna check it out right now!
  5. ive just seen it and i think ive fallen in love with everything especially new britt tote in black leather:love:
  6. yeah i think the rotation thing is new and nice at the same time as you can get a better view of the back of the bags than before.
  7. thanksssssss for telling me!!! but i have to say my wallet (or my families/bfs wallets) hate u hehehe
  8. I think it's new.. I never noticed it before.
  9. its for sure new hehe i was tottally just thinking that they should add that last week and am CRAZY excited that they have!

    id have to say, i think gucci has THE best website! :smile: buttttttt their shipping department sucks bananas

    I STILL DONT HAVE MY TOTE!!! i was supposed to get it LAST wednesday!!! :sad:
  10. Did you check tracking for your tote?
  11. thats the STUPID part...they WONT give me the tracking number because its unsafe...so i have to keep calling them and then they track it!!!

    SO the first time i called like wednesday they were like oh they didnt have ur apt number...and i was thinkign WTH? was anyone going to call me and ask for it??? yuck...THEN i call and they were liek friday for sure, i call friday and they were like monday for sure! STILL NO BAG!!

    this is the LAST time i order online!!! I cant believe it ughh!! that teaches me to buy something spur of the moment!! It was lke midnight and i couldnt call my regular SA!!! :'( im so upset! if i dont get it by tommrow i dont know what i will do!!!
  12. Oh wow! Thats never happened to me! They always give me tracking, I have no idea what they're talking about. So far I have no complains with them, in fact I get my items early. I'm sorry this is happening to you! Keep calling them and checkinh...
  13. they GIVE u a tracking number? no wayyyyy! man ive never really asked for one before this! what the hell!!! :sad: ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!! i have a feeling they accidently shipped it to someone else and they are trying to cover thier butts!!

    ive never had a problem before this but im so scared!! man i just want my tote!!
  14. Wow!

    I hated the previews but there are so many shoes and bags that I love! I thought fall winter was going to be light on my wallet, but I was completely wrong... :drool:
  15. does anyone know whether the gold princy tote comes in a smaller size??????? thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!