Fall is on its way

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  1. As you know, fall is coming, winter is just around the corner and so are we going to bundle up. But, the problem is I have no LV scarfs and I would like to own... well...as greedy as I am...not one but a couple. :whistle: But then, I thought... I could use that money to buy another bag: Azur Galleria GM. So what do u think? Should i go with the scarfs or the bag? I am also thinking about Stephen Sprouse NF bags, but I am not a fan of those thin shoulder strings. Did you ever have problem with those thin shoulder strings?
  2. i say the scarves, the azur is a spring/summer bag, and the sprouse line is nice but not a neverfull fan. I think its a beach bag imo.
  3. I would go for the scarfs (if I didn't live in Texas).
  4. I'd go for the bag!
  5. I'd go with the Galliera!! but the damier ebony, special order I think that someone just posted. just so gorgeous... and it's more fall-ish.
  6. get a scarf if you have none! you will be more satisfied to wear a scarf for the fall :] the NF straps can be a pain if you pack a lot of heavy stuff in it and i wouldn't recommend just wearing a tank top while wearing the NF because it can dig at your shoulder. lol azur galliera can always wait but you must get a scarf!!
  7. I'd get a scarf if you don't have any must-have bags on your wishlist :smile:
  8. Well... I do have scarves. One is burberry and the other is dior. I just don't have LV scarves.
  9. I'd go for the scarves. Bought both brown and bleu nuit leopard scarves. Although I won't wear them much in South Texas, as burning hot down here, they just look so nice with my wardrobe. Hopefully it'll get pretty cold here during winter.:biggrin:
  10. Go for LV scarves....new releases are gorgeous...good luck! Let us know what you decide on...:smile:
  11. Go for the scarves! They're really cute and you would probably get a lot of use out of them. I personally don't like the Neverfulls, but if you like it then you should get it! Good luck!
  12. Get the Stephen Sprouse brown leopard scarf, best ever then you can get a NF as well in mono or damier.
  13. I have the same problem..... I am in ♥ with the leopard scarf (stephen sprouse) but for the same price I could get a bag! :nuts: Let us know what you decide!
  14. Maybe one scarf and save up a little for a bag?

    I am planning on buying the SS leopard shawl in brown, the price is CRAZY, the same as a speedy 30 i think, but it is soooooooo gorgeous!
  15. As a big scarf fan, I'd vote for the scarf over bag.

    When you get to the boutique, you will know which you want most.