Fall Indiana TPF Meet

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  1. Hi!! We, louislover260, and myself are getting organized for a Fall tpf meet! We would love to hear what you all would think about it! This is THE ONLY thread we will be using to plan and chat!
    As of now we have these 2 dates in mind. either
    Sat, Sept. 26 or Sat Oct. 24
    Look forward to hearing all your ideas!
  2. Where in Indiana are you thinking??? We'll likely be up in Indiana the weekend of Sat. October 24th to visit family, but we'll be in the Bloomington area. We have only been in TN for a little over two years, before that we'd lived our whole lives in Indiana!
  3. great question pursedove! we were wanting to get a feel where would be best...any of the outlets: edinburgh, michigan city, fremont outlet, OR we were thinking up north in the keystone area, and go to the FP boutique along with the LV, and hitting up the cheesecake factory, if we took that route...
  4. I have only been to the Michigan City and Fremont Outlets, but I am up for exploring anywhere else, preferably in the northern part of IN though. I'll leave it for the "natives" to decide that. :smile:
  5. I live close to the Keystone Fashion Mall in Indy. That would be awesome! I have not been to the Coach boutique in a while since I've been hitting the outlets for all the sales. Those dates mentioned in the earlier post sound great to me.
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    Glad to see you Northstar & giagnm!!! with the 2 of you, keystone is sounding best! i know i havent been to a boutique in some time either with all these addtl 20% off at the outlet! since its at least 2 months away, we have time to save! lol
  7. I would so love the meet to be in September, I am getting a collie puppy early October and I just know it will be harder for me to get away then. I totally agree with Indy as a meet location. There are plenty of places for shopping and its a central location that would be easy for everyone to get to. Circle Center mall right downtown also has a Coach boutique and everyone is super nice there, I haven't done any shopping at the one in the fashion mall. Though the fashion mall has some pretty nice places to shop.... Ugh all my sentences are run ons!
  8. After more deliberation I think Keystone would be perfect. They have louis vuitton and chanel at sacs and there is a MAC store too...I need to start saving...lol!
  9. yay kabaker found us! louislover260 and i had talked about circle center, but i think with parking, ect...and LV and chanel and coach also being at the fashion mall (keystone) AND cheesecake factory, has a bit more pros! lol. either day works for me or LL260! this is so exciting! haha
  10. I live in Evansville and there isn't much here, lol! We have a small Coach store and a Macy's and Dillard's that is it (and they don't carry what the "big" stores do, lol.)!

    The Edinburgh outlets just south of Indy are nice too and there is a killer Mexican restaurant there with great food and margaritas!

    The Fashion Mall at Keystone is lovely! When I worked retail years ago our districts would often meet at our stores there.

    Right now either weekend seems open, but fall baseball schedules won't be out until mid-Sept. anyway...
  11. Hi perkeme!! glad to see you here!! thank for your ideas!!! im waiting to hear from quite a few more, but so far majority is leaning to sat 9/26 and the fashion mall...keep checking in though!!
  12. I'm in extreme northern indiana - but Indy sounds good to me. I'll keep an eye on this thread for more details. Great idea wifeyb and loiuslover260!!
  13. Never been to Keystone. I would have to see how far of a drive it is for me.

    I'm closer to the Chicago boutique and the Michigan City outlet.
  14. Hi adriane & carri! glad to see you here!
    adriane-keystone is futher north of all the ideas so far, so its lookin good for you!! lol
    carri-for me to get to the michigan city outlet its about 2 hours and 45 minutes. i just gooled the distance from that outlet to keystone and its about the same, 2.5 hours drive time. i hope this would be do-able for you! it would be the closest for you if we went with keystone!! (its looking that way thus far)
  15. Well, I can't guarantee I will be able to make it, but Keystone sounds great to me!