Fall in love with this instead of the Lady Braid, and I bought...

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  1. So I went to NM of Stanford today to check out the Lady Braid that I have been waiting for. But once I stepped into the Chanel room, I saw this Chanel bag that I haven't seem before and it sure was eye-catching...at least to me...lol. Anyway, I used my cell phone and took a pic of it to show you all...


    The size is pretty big, at least it is bigger than the Bubble Quilted Bowler. I think it is very unique with the quilted on the side of the bag and those pockets reminds me of the Ritz. It costs around $2700 or so..don't quite remember now that I got home.

    Anyway, I didn't bring the Lady Braid Bowler home with me since the shoulder strap is too short to use as a shoulder bag, and not to mention that I already have the Bubble Quilted Bowler that some how has the similar design. But, I have this bag(pic) put on hold for me till Wed., so that I can think hard and decide if I should bring it home or not. Oh, btw, the SA told me that this bag's line is call Perfect Day...anyone here heard about this line?

    Oh, I almost forgot...I also bought a camellia wallet today, here is a pic of it...:heart:

  2. I saw that bag in black at Saks during the gift card event! I thought it was kinda heavy and bulky, but maybe when you take the stuffing out that goes away. Post modeling pics!! I bet I'm going to kick myself for not getting it now!!!
  3. That's a great bag but I've never heard of Perfect Day either. I think I might have seen that bag or a similar one posted before, maybe from one of the trunk shows. I really like the unique quilting on the side as well.
    Congrats on your wallet. It's beautiful!
  4. Oh, I just re-read your post. I thought you bought it. If you do, post modeling pics!! What color is this one?
  5. No, I didn't get it today, but have it on hold for me till Wed.. This year I have bought more than I should already. Actually, I am on a ban...well, it hasn't work very well for me yet...lol. BTW the color of this bag is black, and is the yummy lambskin.
  6. I am not loving the bag. I thought I would when I saw it in photos, but IRL didn't love it.
  7. Nice bag. I haven't seen it IRL though.

    OMG, the Camelia wallet comes in long. Why did I have to see that? You know I'll have to get that one now.


    PS Can you post interior pics of that beautiful wallet, please?
  8. My SA sent me pics of that bag a week or two ago... I like it a lot but hae yet to see it in person! I love love loe the wallet
  9. I saw this bag in the tan color, larger size and love it! I wish I could have seen the brown in the smaller size. I say go for it! The bag is pretty IMO!
  10. Someone posted something about the Perfect Day, can't remember who or which thread. I think the bag looks too structured on top for me, otherwise it's nice. The leather looks really nice.

    The camellia wallet is too cute, I love the embossing on it.
  11. I saw that bag at the Saks on 57th st in NYC about 2 weeks ago. It comes in two sizes, medium and a large size, and in three colors: dark brown, black, and taupe. They were already out of most of their stock the day I was there, and the SA said it had only just come in very recently.

    it's a beauty! Congrats if you decide to get it!:heart:
  12. Thanks for all your compliments on my new wallet.:heart: I will try to take a pic of the inside when I have the chance...hopefully soon.

    KMSNYC, when I was in NM, I took out all the stuffings inside the bag and it feels a lot less bulky. Actually beside that one, I also comtemplating on getting the flap that is on your avatar:graucho: today. Sure wish I have more budget to play around with in day like this.:roflmfao:
  13. Thanks for sharing the pics. I love your new wallet :heart:
  14. Yes, Congrats on the wallet - very nice! :tup:

    Not so sure about the bag - the CC seem very low. But I am sure it is one of those things you have to see it IRL to appreciate.
  15. congrats!