Fall I'm so excited!!!

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  1. I saw the fall lookbook and they have some awesome stuff coming out for the fall.

    They have a new line called GG Crystal. It looks wet and shiny like patent or laminate! Soooo cute. They are doing the brit line in the GG crystal. I'm on the list for the brit hobo in crystal GG and its gonna be $1295

    Also there is a speedy inspired bag in the GG crystal its coming in 2 sizes for $850 a d $1250 I think. The cutest thing about them is they have little gold metal bows on the side with a gucci crest.

    LOTS of exoctics! Like Python.

    Tons of patent! They have a hobo that is trimed in patent but the inner is like a nylon or a down jackets! I'm also on the list for one! LOL Sooo cute

    Also some patchwork bags with sherling and other fabrics!

    Lots of new monograms! I on the list for a new hobo in monogram that has strips of leather that intersects in the middle into two borwn GGS on the front! Everything is hot this fall. I don't think there is anything I didn't like!

    So far I have chosen 3 bags. 1 monogram, 1 GG crystal, 1 patent with nylonish middle hobo(gonna look great in the winter!
  2. Any idea when all the new bags will be in the stores?
  3. Some are there now! They are coming in slowly over the next few weeks
  4. :nuts:I'm so excited and I just can't hide it :nuts: nononono

    waw you already pre-ordered 3 bags! congrats, you lucky girl!

    this sounds great!!! now I'm wondering ... maybe I'm NOT gonna buy a (or more) bag(s) in the sale and wait for the new collection ... heh
  5. what exactly is the ' gucci crest'~? {pls dont kill me} lol
  6. They have created a gucci crest that is kinda similar to the juicy tag hanging off of bags! Very cute!
  7. yeah, i thought the same, hehe.

    anyone got pics?
  8. WOHOOO!!!! yeah i saw it too (remember my uber excited post haha)

    NOW u know WHY i was so excited!!! Hehe i waitlist for the indy with the crest and the speedy like bag in gg crystal!!


    The crest is actually old, they are just bringing it back...i dont know if some of you remember it, but it is the little soilder...knight in shining armor kind of guy

    its just hot and something thats pretty crazy

    THE GG crystal looks awesome, my SA showed me what it would look like and OMG i was in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    EXP since patent leather is going to be SO DAMN HOT this coming season!! tottally the it thing to have and gucci tottally started the ball rolling right!!

    I think i had mentioned the metal bows too...DONT YOU JUST LOVE THEM!!! I think thats what made me fall in love with the bag, i LOVE details and that just made my jaw drop!!


    but i was upset that there was no new jewlery introduced :sad: maybe the SAs just dont know aout it?? anyone heard anything???
  9. The Dallas Galleria has the min speedy n GG crystal rght NOW! I held it! They also have the Brit in GG crystal in black!
  10. ohhh is it cute??? i think they have been calling me when im in class! mannn i cant make it up there until my mom comes down and now she was saying she wants to come in july

    BOO!!!!! :'(

    man i sound like such a momma's girl huh haha

    GO GET IT AND SHOW US WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!! i will be insaneeeeeeeelllyyyy jealous of u!