FALL GREY Gryson Olivia - $470

  1. Active Endeavors has the Fall 2007 Gryson Olivia on sale... use the code "apologies" and the price comes down to $470. Pretty good for this season's bag! They have it in grey, mushroom and brown w/ black handles. I got the grey.


  2. I didn't think the code would work for sale items. You got a great deal!
  3. gorgeous! is this bag on the heavy side? TIA!
  4. That's weird. Unless I use the link you provided, I don't even see the bag if I go to AE directly!
  5. Look under Gryson, and click on the brown sale Olivia. The grey and mushroom are still there.

    AE changed their site awhile back and now multiple colors are posted together. To be honest, I liked it better when they had all the colors posted on the designer's page...
  6. great bag...
  7. Bebe...do you already have the bag or did you recently order? If you have it, can you post pictures? These models don't really give me a great idea of what the bag looks like size-wise. They always look so different on me! I'm 5'4". TIA
  8. That bag looks gorgeous!
  9. Purseinsanity - I just ordered it. It's definitely a large bag, but I can't say how it will look IRL... I'll let you know when it arrives next week.
  10. Thanks! I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!
  11. I was JUST looking at this bag! It is a great deal and absolutely adorable. I also am very curious as to what it actually looks like.
  12. I hope it arrives soon for you all so I can see how it looks on someone :graucho:
  13. may we see some action pics when you get it in your hands!? :smile: pretty please~
  14. hm... still regular price on the website.
  15. Yes, it is back to regular price. =(