Fall Follow Up Reviews....

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Now, that everyone has been wearing several of their fall BE's for a few days now, I thought this might be a fun idea.

    If you have any new insights into your BE, please post here. We'd love to hear, more details. Everyone knows by now, I ADORE details. Never enough when discussing handbags!

    I know that often it takes me a week or so, to "figure out", my new handbag. Sometimes, my initial impressions are a bit different, if you ask me a week or month later.
  2. I must say...I am ALL confused about the Whisper to Me. The Midi looks smaller on h82bl82 and huge on missmary...both are svelte ladies?? Again...the midi looks huge on the BE model.

    CRAZY confused!
  3. Well......I'm going to jump in here and say that I wore my WTM today and it is probably my most favourite BE handbag ever. :yes:

    Now, I realize that's quite the statement and everyone here probably knows how much I adore my LM's......but I'm just INSANE for the fact that this bag is so roomy, lightweight, AND that it lies flat against the body. In fact, I LOVE that part of the bag the most. When I read ladies here buying purses (all brands) and them stating how they cannot wait for them to break in and lie closer to the body because the bag is stiff and sticks out......well...I don't have to wait...this bag has it all. I love that I can throw it over my shoulder, hold in in my hands with the shorter handles, enjoy easy access with the drawstring and magnetic closure......and the design is TDF!!! I got stopped in one of the malls today and I lost count on the # of compliments I received!!! It's a head-turner for sure!!!

    And Plum Crash goes with absolutely everything! I wore a gorgeous pale sage blouse and tank top with black pants and strappy platform sandals and the Plum Crash was perfect!!!

    I :heart::heart::heart: the WTM!!! Forget the size......this bag ROCKS on the design alone!
  4. I just got my WTM (full size) late yesterday and haven't had time to wear it yet, but will tomorrow for sure and take pics! So far, I love it though - it's perfect, love the size, love the shoulder strap and the color is amazing - more of a plum than a grape/purple and I'm going to use her a lot!
  5. Purple Crash Hug Me - only tried on so far (and hung with books in to try to stretch the handles and encourage a slouchier look).

    Generally delighted but:

    1) Not nearly as purple as in the website photos, plum rather than purple (and it was the colour that tempted me)
    2) I find the additional strap too long, even when worn cross body, and wish that it was adjustable.

    Great bag though and I am keeping it.
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    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    Pewter Crash Hold Me

    Lovely, timeless design
    Very easy to rummage into
    Versatile colour
    Amazing with neutral outfits

    Generally happy despite initial disappointment

  7. I'm 5'3" if that helps. Yes, it is smaller than I thought it would be, yet I'm sure that the regular larger sized WTM would more than likely be too large. The WTM midi is a great every day bag when I'm not hauling around my usual kitchen sink. It's large enough for a book but it's a narrow bag so there isn't a whole lot of room. When I need the kitchen sink to accompany me, my Take Me Anywhere works perfectly. Yay, this is my one thousandth post!
  8. Congrats on your 1000th post... Keep them coming!
  9. Maybe someone could start a strictly WTM pics thread that we can all comment, so we can all see how it looks? I know that everyone has posted pics, ok well not everyone yet, but this way us confuseled people can see the sizes on everyone in one thread and gauge it better?

    I really, really am loving these fall bags!
  10. That sounds like a great idea - because I am very tempted by WTM - and totally confused about which size.
  11. I am new to the blog so hi everyone. My first BE bag, bought only two weeks ago is the WTM Midi in Black Glossy. The size is perfect and sits nicely along your body. I am quite petite and only 5ft 3 so I think the regular would have been too big for me. The midi is ample! The black glossy is so sophisticated and classy. A real treat to start with.

    I am considering purchasing either the Stroke Me Med or Hug Me in Choc Matte. Does anyone have any thoughts on what would work best. I do love the style of Hug Me, but worry that I will get sick of wearing on my elbow as I am a real shoulder bag girl!! Thanks
  12. I intend to wear my Hug Me on my shoulder. It fits on top of all my jackets and my winter coat. It is a bit plumper than most of my 'under-arm' bags but I think it will be fine - rather comfy to lean on actually.
  13. Is this with the messenger strap???

    I'm not a waif, but I found it a very tight fit to wear the Hug Me on my shoulder with the padded handles. In fact, on me, it looked rather silly and it wasn't comfortable.

    For me the Hug Me is a strictly hand-held bag/crook of arm, unless you're going to use the messenger strap. I believe Jackie wears hers via the messenger strap and it rests just below her hips.
  14. I don't find it comfortable on the shoulder....and I don't like the look :tdown:

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  15. ^ clifene from that angle it looks like you're wearing my botkier roxy satchel over your shoulder.

    i didn't find the roxy over the shoulder comfortable at all --- i kept thinking it made me look like i was a walking mummy returning from the dead with my arm pitched out at 90 degrees. :death:

    imho the hug me is most flattering worn as a satchel in the crook of an arm. i suppose if you're very petite the hold me would lay more comfortably on your shoulder?