Fall Fashion 2006

  1. It is hot, hot, hot! Maybe this is not a good question to ask right now, but, I will give it a shot anyway. What fashion trends do you love or hate for this coming fall? What will you be wearing?
  2. Fun question!

    I will be wearing lots of black (as usual) with some punches of color, as well as greys and browns. I will not be wearing those new pants that are skinny at the waist and dramatically flare out, nor will I buy skinny jeans - just not going to work for me.

    I plan on purchasing a new coat, a new bag (perhaps a Muse in red or one of the new Gucci bags in burgundy), the Gucci bracelet cuff evening clutch (in black), and some basics - such as a couple of cashmere shells from J.Crew, some new pants, jackets for work, a new black suit, and a new evening dress. I think I may also have a ring made or invest in a new (vintage) piece of jewelry, perhaps something with Bohemian (dark) garnets or a piece of mourning jewelry.

    Purple is a trend color for fall. I have a Tom Ford purple metallic Gucci for evening that I plan to work with in making other purchases, perhaps a purple silk top for going out/perhaps something that can be worn under a suit as well. I may try to find some vampy dark purple lipstick to wear with it.

    Victorian-inspired clothing continues to be a trend and one that I've liked for a long, long time. I bought black suede and leather victorian inspired button up shoes, but I'm not quite sure how I'll be wearing those yet. Ditto for a camel colored floral pattern, beaded velvet shrug - its quite lovely and I think it will be a nice layering piece.

    Red is definitely a trend, but I prefer burgundy for my skin tone. Although I will be giving my mom a red Gucci bag for Christmas (I do love Gucci, as you can tell).

    The casual bags that I plan on using the most are a chocolate bulga studded bag that I'm looking for shoes to go with and a gold grommeted black leather Prada bag from a couple of seasons ago. I think with all the gold studed shoes out right now it should be a fun finding a pair that will provide an interesting contrast to the bag.

    I've also been pairing black and brown quite a bit lately, I will likely carry that over into fall.
  3. LOL I don't think i'll be buying anything really "trendy" this season.. my focus are on bags: a gucci python hobo, the burnt red boston guccisma leather bag, and maybe another chloe. As for shoes, I just want one pair of equestrian boots. And maybe a camel hair pea coat. That's about it. I guess you could say, i'm not really feelin the fall wardrobe at this time. LOL
  4. I love the skinny jeans and pants with high heels and I will be looking foward to wearing a lot of black. Ofcourse adding hints of grey and brown ( with my whiskey edith). I am also embracing the extra highness of heels and boots because I am a mere 5'1.
  5. I pre-ordered several casual RTW pieces from Chanel, Chloe and MJ this fall.

    Bought a Prada wool coat two weeks ago. Cannot believe i purchase this coat, sooo hot right now. Don't even want to look at it.

    Saw the LV RTW pre-fall catelog, so much prettier than the runway. Have to get my hands on the peacoat and the dainty shirt... Maybe a dress...
  6. Don't like leggings. Can't believe how many designers showed them on the runway.

    Red is big. I'll continue to wear black, white and red -- ie white dress, black tights, severe black shoes, red coat
  7. i'll still be wearing my last year's skinny jeans (*cough* with a few new pairs) so i don't *have* to buy many more. not that that means i won't. there's a dior homme peacoat that i'm set on buying as soon as i get the measurements from luisaviaroma if they aren't too weird. it's short so hips shouldn't be a huge issue. as for colours i think i'll be wearing black, grey, white, brown, navy, red and burnt orange in general. skinny lower half, oversized upper half again. and since i'll mainly be moving around by bike it'll have to be ballet flats again no matter how much it bores people. or my distressed grey converses.

    and i do like the leggings, at least with mini dresses, although i'll be looking for some thick opaque tights for when it gets colder. not that different from last year really.

    as for bags i'm looking for a big messenger to wear when biking unless i get a bike with a basket but i don't know that yet.
  8. I'm not into the leggings look so much, either.

    I'd love to get a cute bell shaped or swing coat which seems to be big this fall. If money was no object, I really want the YSL cape made of fuscia flowers. And I like the layered looks from Marc Jacobs. And I'm looking forward to seeing what Viktor & Rolf has come up for H&M, which is supposed to debut in the fall.
  9. I really hope I can find some cute sweaters/knits for fall. I love the look of sweaterdresses or oversized sweaters, especially since I'm petite. I just have no clue where to get them!! hehe but definitely this fall, I'll be indulging in my favorite colors for clothing- black and gray! Probably a pair or two of cheap skinny jeans just for that "look"- however, they don't really suit me THAT well, so I won't be investing in them.
  10. I just went to Target and they had already put out some stuff from the new Go International line by Paul and Joe. There was a cute tweedy hooded cape--only one left that happened to be my size! So of course, I bought it. Can't wait for fall.
  11. I have been all over buying for Fall,I love it so much. I already invested in skinny jeans and the Michael Kors lace up knee high stiletto boots. I know that the boots over jeans is going to be big so I have been looking at more cute boots. I think I am also ready for a bit of the animal print in my wardrobe to break up all of the solid basics I own.
  12. il be wearing alot of mustard yellow and navy!
    not particulary together though
  13. I guess I have no choice -skinny pants. I also wanna short skirt w/leggings underneath.
  14. I love the layer-style also, so that will be a favorite for me. I love skinny pants and my belowed boots still this season. I love brown nowdays so have to get something in brown. Stripes are hot with me still.
  15. I´ll be wearing a lots of layers, gray, black, blue and sweaters(big ones especially). Fall is the season that I adore most in fashion. :yahoo: