Fall expandable tote in brown

  1. If anyone knows which stores will be carrying it in brown, pleeeeease let me know???!! Thanks!
  2. ^iLL let you know..Saks AND NM did NOT carry this for fall in brown....wahhhh!
    Im emailin the GREATEST CHANEL SA I have ever met right now..he is trying to find this bag for me....so I will let ya know what he finds out!
  3. I'm on the list for the brown expandable tote at the NM in Scottsdale. I tried it on at the trunk show and it is absolutely gorgeous. Try calling Scottsdale or have your SA call. I guess not all NMs get the same stock.
  4. Tell him to find 2 Jill!
  5. NM isnt carryin this in brown ....I checked today..Be careful what bag u ask for.MOST SA's think the tote is the one with the drawstrings on the side.THIS DOESNT have the drawstrings..its a totally different bag

    LULILU....Ill ask him!!LOL!U know Ill find it!HEEHEE!
  6. I'm confused, isnt this the bag that we haveseen in red, white and brown? The red one was the only one we saw were it was all cinched in at the sides. I thought the pics just didnt show how it worked. I am so confused . this is the tote i want. So there are 2 expandable totes this season? help!!!
  7. ^YEP..There are DIFFERENT EXPANDABLES.My Chanel SA just emailed me back.....He is able to get me one when it comes in.
  8. I tried on the expandable tote in winter white (dark white color) without the drawstring on top today at Chanel on 57th in NYC. It is gorgeous, comfortable on the shoulder and the perfect size. They only had that color, no brown though. Someone should get this one.
  9. OK..STUART,The CHanel SA just emailed me again.THIS bag isnt in till JULY-AUG in Brown.
    LULILU..PM me yer email addy and Ill forward u his email ADDY ...he is amazing.This SA just spent over an hour on the phone with me and I ve never bought a thing from him..AND he will EMAIL U photos of bags too!
  10. Wow, I'm really confused. I thought the pics of the red, white and brown were all the same. I just thought there was some adjustment with the chain gathering on the sides. I had no idea they were 2 different bags.

    Jill...I assume you are looking for the one without the gathering on the sides??? When you find out what it's called, please post the item/model #. I am interested in this bag also.:smile:
  11. I spoke with Brendan at Chanel last week. He told me he is taking names for the waitlist for brown, red, white and black. Some of the other bags in the expandable line came in last Wednesday, so he is expecting this bag to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks. His number is 212-355-5050.

    Just to make sure we're all on the same page, I'm talking about the bag below. Also, he mentioned that he had 3 ppl waiting for brown and several waiting for red, but nobody on the list for black or white.
    this one doesnt have the drawstring sides..I know its confusing...It took me like 4 phone calls to figure out there was a similiar bag!
  13. Jill, can your SA send you a photo of each expandable tote so we can post side by side? I am so confused myself. I am listed for an expandable tote and now I am not sure which one. The one I listed for is $2295. How much is the other expandable tote? TIA for your help!
  14. i think the expandable Jill and lulilu are talking about is this:
  15. How does the one above expand if there is no drawstring?