Fall Ergo Hobos

  1. Anyone who might know... can you help me figure something out? I found these 2 bags on the drilldown and love them. I'm wondering though what the difference is between these two bags other than the obvious scarf and gold hang tag. I am wishing that Coach will come out with another Ergo in the vintage leather like the vintage leather ergo and tote that came out a few months ago. (not the regular leather that turquoise, white, black and camel came in). I saw a tote on eBay that said it was a new Fall Ergo tote in vintage leather. So, I have 2 questions. What is the difference between these two bags and is Ergo going to come in a new vintage leather color?? Please someone tell me!! LOL!

    style 11260

    style 11302

    I'm wondering if this second one is vintage leather? I hope, hope, hope so!
  2. ^^ wow, that's very pretty!
    I'd like to know too, tl! :yes:
    I bet that second one is the vintage after comparing pics.
  3. I am not certain which is which but I would guess that the second one is the nicer of the two because it has the brass hangtag. :yes:
  4. I truely that georgeous hobo you posted will be in the stores here in America. I know I have seen that bag on the Coach Japan sight. I love it.
  5. It shows up on the drill down so doesn't that mean it's available to us too here in the US? I hope it comes in a large size too like the vintage ergo I have now!

  6. Ooooooo! I sure hope so, cause if it does the larger size will also be on my wishlist:graucho:
  7. I think I shall call Coach tomorrow and see what knowledgeable Coach CS rep I can get some information from! :graucho: Then I will enable as many as I can so we can all be happy bag sisters!
  8. I'm pretty sure I want that leather ergo in plum......:yes:
  9. the difference is the color...the first is plum and the second is chocolate or brown or tobacco...whatever the new color is called.
  10. I bet they will come out with it in vintage leather....there's no reason why they wouldn't. I do love the plum though.....I think that may be my next Coach purchase.....just don't know whether to get the tote or the hobo!!!
  11. This ergo on ebay, number 11285 with the chocolate is now orderable in JAX and will be in the stores soon. I do not believe they said it was not a vintage leather. It is exactly like the camel, white and black totes with the legacy lining that the large one had, but this one is medium. no turnlock. Another tempatation, darn it....:yahoo:

  12. If the only difference is the color then why put the gold hangtag on the tobacco/brown one and not the plum? :confused1: And there are subtle differences in the stitching. Hmmm....
  13. i've seen the plum in person and i swear it had a plum hangtag. don't quote me on it though. ;)

    i know that brown color came out first, but i couldn't tell you why it's been changed...:confused1:

    i do know that the lining was plum also, as the totes are the only ones wi/legacy interior.