Fall Dior sale... what have you nabbed or want to nab?

  1. Eluxury has been taunting me with the great sales offers on Dior pieces and I couldn't stop myself.

    I went to the Houston Galleria store today and picked up a pair of Ethnic Flats. They are insanely comfy! $270 with the mark down.


    My Dior pumps, Trottuer sandals, and boots were all marked down. No ETA when these would be taken out of stores... anyone else have the info?

    What are you planning on getting from the sales if anything? What are you just wishing for?
  2. i wanted to get those pumps... the one w/ the chainmail like the jeanne bags. however, i decided to be practical and got suede western ballerina flats instead =D

    i would have gotten the ethnic flats too, but my bf declared them ugly with the big "D"

    he even said "why is there a big stupid D on the shoe"

    "for DIOR DUH" =x

    i also wanted to get the white/grey trotter romantique... but i already have 2 romantique bags (brown mini boston, beige medium flap) so i held off =(
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: pink!

    lovely flats ...congrats !
  4. [​IMG]

    I just bought this yesterday from elux. It was $470. I'm way excited!
  5. I NEED something from the cannage line...
  6. i WANT this one...:drool:
  7. I got a romantique Ipod sleeve or whatever it's called from the Dior boutique lol
  8. So cute! I love small accessories!:heart:
  9. OMG what a steal!!! Congrats!:yahoo:
  10. Omg I love the Western Ballerina, congrats! Did you get them in the wine color?
    Yeah practical worked into my choice, too. Boo on practical :tdown:

    LOL I love the Ds on Dior Shoes. It makes me think of that rap song "Throw some Ds" :lol:
  11. This is the Dior blue suede Cannage Polochon bag that I picked up at Saks in New York for 40 percent off—came to only $774.

    Blue suede Dior Cannage Polochon bag.JPG
  12. I got the same ethnic flats, I'm really not a flats girl but these are so comfy and I couldn't resist them at sale price.
    I also picked up these maryjanes:

    My Mum got me these on sale as well :heart:
  14. yah i got them in the wine ^____^

    i think the Ds look fine. my bf is just very anti logo and stuff =)

    but what i like most about the ethnic flats are the scalloped edges. i thought it was so cute. stupid boys what do they know! =P