Fall Dior Boots!should I Get Them??

  1. I got the hottest pair of DIOR heels today in choc brown at Saks today...Ill post pics of them in the am.THEN I saw..as I was leavin..LOL..THESE BOOTS!
    What do u think..I think they'd b SO HOT with jeans!Give me yer HONEST OPINIONS(I wont b hurt if u hate them!!LOL!)
    [​IMG][​IMG]DiorCannage Patent Bootie$690.00
    • Patent leather with tonal cannage pattern embroidery
    • Aged brass hardware
    • Rounded toe
    • Leather band around outer heel is woven through oversized grommets
    • Dangling "D" charm with logo engraving
    • Side zip closure
    • Smooth leather and suede lining
    • Padded smooth leather insole with Dior embossing
    • Leather sole with rubber toe and heel patches
    • 3.25" stacked wooden heel
    • Made in Italy

    For more Dior, click here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]These are the heels I got today(NM PIC)Ill post modelin pics of mine tomorrow..I ADORE these..they were 515 ..ouch..but I love them
  3. Hot! :tup:
  4. Hmm... Jill, I think the boots looks hotter than the heels. :biggrin: Hope that helps ;)
  5. Those are freakin hott!!!!!! I love it! GET IT!!!!! :devil:
  6. those boots are killer! i love them and i think you'll rock those boots jill! totally get them!
  7. I aint a fan of patent but those boots are sooooo sexy!!! Go for it!!!!! x
  8. Yup, me too I like the boots more then the heel. You're right they'd be amazing with jeans. I guess were all choosing the boots because they are so spectacular but the shoes are nice too though, they are more classic..
  9. Love both! Can you get both??
  10. love the booties! :tup:
  11. I already bought the shoes..Im gonna get the boots as well..LOL!
  12. Jill, I saw the boots last weekend while at Neimans and was drooling over them :drool:. I'm defintely getting a pair soon :graucho:.
  13. Oooh, lovely!! Perfect for fall! :drool:
  14. They're hot!
  15. I've wanted those heels since they first came out, they're gorgeous! Congrats!

    Oh, and definitly get the boots, they're HOT!