Fall Desire: Leopard or Cheetah print Flats

  1. Hi guys, I've been searchg for a how pair of leopard or cheetah print flats to wear with my skinny jeans for fall. having a difficult time finding a pair that isn't super ROUND toed... almost like slipper toes, I dont like those. you know what i mean? I like a rounded toe, like louboutin's roud toed heels (of which I have several pairs of and adore) or almond toe , even a pointy, but not tear-drop toe would be nice as well.

    Anyhow- looking for a sexy, d'orsay flat with a nice print, not too small, not cheap looking. Budget is flexible for these. I love louboutins and would LOVE the helmut in leopard print, but in a flat... do they even exist?

    If you know of any- please post links or eBay #s here... Thanks guys for helping in my search!
  2. Here are some ideas:



    J Crew
  3. I saw these cute cheetah flats at Home | Kitson Boutique. Lately, I've been obessed with flats and stumbled upon these, but unfortunately I'm a size 5.5 and the smallest they make is a 6.

    Sorry I couldn't post a pic. I'm having trouble doing that here. I find that sometimes I can and other times not. Anywhos, good luck in your search! When you find some, I'd love to see pics :yes:
  4. I saw a great pair of Tod's pony hair flats with leopard print. Do you think I can find a picture? No! But they're really gorgeous.
  5. Here is another option from Prada.

  6. ^^ LOVE those.
  7. Hopefully I don't sound too silly asking this, but what is the difference between Leopard and Cheetah print? It is the size of the spots?
  8. o0o0o I looooove those Prada cheeta print flats.

    elongereach- well, they are different species of cats- but cheetah is spots, leopard is like non solid Os.
    Leopard: [​IMG]
    cheetah: [​IMG]
  9. I too am on a quest to find the perfect leopard/cheetah flats.
    If anyone finds any others- please post them!
  10. Those J Crew flats are really cute!