Fall Dark Silver????

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  1. [​IMG]

  2. Thank you!!!!
  3. No actually,... 08P represents Spring/ Summer '08. The Fall release will have 08A on the tag.
  4. ah ya, u correct, my mistake, its late, :wtf: sorry dear, but at least thats dark silver also rite :okay:
  5. Colour cod 45002 is Silver for Fall. 45004 is Dark Silver.
  6. Actually, 45002 is SS08 dark silver. 45004 is fall dark silver. The silver tone is a bit different when you put them together. However, when seen separately, one might think they are the same color. Hehe. :P

    I love the fall dark silver!! :heart:
  7. I second that.. the fall DS just so lovely irl. I did not like it from pictures because i thought it has lots of blue undertone, but irl, it is plain gorgeous ( i dont know why chanel called it dark silver because personally i think its more grey metallic)... :tup:

  8. I also love the Fall DS with blue undertone! so pretty, too bad I got SS07 and SS08 DS and dark green, don't want to get another DS similar to both of them. may be i might get tempted after looking at the picture again!
  9. Thanks everyone!