Fall Cupcake Ideas wanted!

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  1. My mind is drawing a blank lately on fall cupcakes. I've made pumpkin cheesecake and Cheesecake-filled Pumpkin Cupcakes and I thought about making Caramel Apple Cupcakes but I absolutely hate chunks of apple in my cake!

    Can anyone recommend some great ideas?
  2. chocolate pumpkin, apple spice
  3. Caramel apple sounds good! How about something with cinnamon, or is that too wintery?
  4. I have never had chocolate pumpkin... It sounds like a bit of an odd combination. I thought about sweet potato cupcake with brown sugar frosting and mini marshmallows but I didn't know how that combination would go over.
  5. A cinnamon cupcake sounds good! What type of frosting would you use on it? I just googled cinnamon cupcakes and all the cupcakes seem to use cinnamon frosting which is a bit overload to me.
  6. i made apple cider cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
  7. Do you have a recipe for the apple cider cupcakes? I am thinking I will make s'more cupcakes today. Not very fall like but it reminds me of camping and we used to alwasy camp in the fall so.. I just really want to make marshmallow frosting!
  8. i just added powder cider mix into cake mix
  9. I dunno, maybe just a plain vanilla frosting? That is kind of boring I know. I made some amazing peanut butter frosting that I'm trying to come up with a cupcake for, but I'm allergic to chocolate and that's the best thing for PB!
  10. You could try some kind of apple cupcake.. my mom eats apples with peanut butter all the time.
  11. I love the cupcakes in your avatar, Pixie! I may have to steal that idea from you!!
  12. i made chocolate with pumpkin pie filling and they were great! were a huge hit with my friends.
  13. Thanks! They looked so cute I actually hated to to send them to work with my SO since I wouldn't be able to enjoy them.
  14. Anyone have a favorite sweet potato cupcake recipe? I have a lot of leftover marshmallow frosting from the s'more cupcakes I made today so I want to make sweet potato cupcakes with marshmallow topping.