fall colours in canada?

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  1. anybody know when the new colours will be in canada?
  2. No, hunnipoo, sorry. My one and only trip to the Bal boutique at Holt's left me FURIOUS. It may have just been a bad day down there, but, first of all...no one at the counter. Fifteen minutes later when I finally badgered someone into helping me....she didn't know what a City was...or what GH was. I was so P'O'ed and frustrated (I find it stressful enough (even if WORTH IT!!) to spend $2,000 on a bag in the first place without having to educate the SA.) Anyway, long story short, I came home and called BalNY and had the bag 2 days later. :supacool: WAAAaaayyy too easy!
  3. Thats not quite a bad day in Holts Handbag department.....more like a typical day.

    I feel like I am always educating the SA's there, but they still think I have no idea what Im talking about. I go there now just to see colours irl but never to buy.
  4. Oh, and I think the fall colours should be there end of June. At least thats what one of the SA's told me so I dont really know if thats accurate.
  5. Yes, well, I'm still trying to figure out why an otherwise confident, middle-aged (okay, a REALLY young 50 :jammin:), self-employed, fairly presentable woman can still be made to feel like complete :censor: for TRYING to spend her hard earned money on a discretioary item. But that's another thread....sorry....:back2topic:
  6. Maggien...just out of curiosity how much did you pay for duty/brokerage? It's awful how much they seem to nail us for purchasing stuff from the US.

    As for Holt's, not much to say. They don't pay well so maybe the SA's really don't care. It's a shame b/c if only they tapped into the 'handbag' obsession, they'd be better able to educate their staff. Shouldn't they all go for designer training? Regardless, their Bloor Street store has a great handbag selection, but the SA's are not confident at all. O.K. enough venting from me...
    I'm dying to get a first in black, that's why I'm asking how much they charged you for duty/customs. Thanks!
  7. Its not pretty. I have a Black Work and Sandstone Giant Hobo waiting at UPS to be delivered and I owe them $640 Cnd! :crybaby:

    My last purchase from them was a White Twiggy and Black mu clutch and I think I paid $200something.
  8. i bought my twiggy from BalNY and it was $160 CDN in duties, which isn't terrible considering the selection is so much better. i have also heard that if you order from AlohaRag, they will declare a lower price and you won't have to pay duty at all (or very little). good luck!