fall colors for the Muse ???

  1. Does anybody know what colors the Muse will be coming out in for fall? :wondering On the Saks web site, I've seen a few of them, but probably not all ...
  2. This is what I've seen:

    1) Oak--lighter than chocolate brown. But it's a "brown"
    2) Red--like a brickish red
    3) Olive green
    4) Ocra/Ocre--it's like a mustardy yellow.

    I've seen patent leather in these colors:

    1) Black
    2) White

    I've also seen a haircalf version--so I guess it's got "hair" and it's in an anthracite color...

    Looks like this:

  3. There's also going to be an orange.
  4. I wish they'd come out with one in the purple-plum-burgundy range...
  5. The red is supposed to be "brick like" red.
  6. I pre-ordered the Oak from Bergdorf's. Sight unseen. It sounds good. It should ship in August.
  7. there is maroon colour in singapore, They said that is a fall colour...
  8. Very interesting! That's news to me.
  9. is this white patent muse in large size? is this fall color?

  10. I have seen a caramel type color patent leather one at Neimans...it was quite stunning!!!
  11. I don't think that is the patent leather - it looks like the regular ivory leather.
  12. The bag was shiny!! It had to be patent leather and the color, depending on the light, looked mustardy, or caramelly...if I go to Neimans today..I will sneak in a pic!
  13. ^^Which store did you see this at? What size was it?
  14. I saw it at the Chicago Neiman's and it was the large, they had it in black patent too!
  15. ^^ Thanks! Do you remember the price? And which store in Chicago? Michigan Ave? Northbrook? Oakbrook?