fall colors for Luxury line ???

  1. Anybody have the early scoop on what colors the Luxury line will be coming out in for fall?
  2. I'm DYING to see the Fall/Winter line!
  3. I know! The Saks here has invited me to a trunk show in July, but I can't wait until then.
  4. I was at the NM-Chanel trunk show on Wednesday. For fall, they only showed one large metallic bag in bronze. There were lots of big bags & distressed leather. I was told by the Chanel Rep that the current Luxe Line will not be continued for fall.
  5. ^THAT is depressing!
  6. Very interesting news. I wonder why they'd discontinue Lux line. Hasn't it been selling?
  7. No, the med Luxe Bowler is almost impossible to get. I think the line has done really well. The Chanel Rep told me that they just change every season. I think that is why a sales rep told me previously it was limited which what she meant was just for the season. I thnk some other PF members will be attending trunk shows in July so it will be interesting to see what they report.
  8. I got my invite to the trunk show today, it's on June 23rd. I'll try desperately to go and report back!