Fall colors for CAVIAR GST...anyone have pics/info???

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  1. Hi ladies,,,

    Just wonder whether anyone knows about fall colors that will be released for GST:biggrin:

    The thing is my SA in Paris called me about GST that just arrived in the shop...

    They are...
    1 Dark brown with gold hardware
    2 Grey with silver hardware
    3 Color in between Brown and Beige

    I'm thinking about buying grey but not sure whether it is light grey or not (i don't like ss light grey). However, my SA said that it's neither light nor dark but a good/classic shade of grey (i'm still confused now coz she didn't give me color code) Anyone knows about fall09 grey caviar???:woohoo:

    I'm also wondering whether no.3 could be "Blush" color. Anyone has some ideas about color in between brown and beige??? (it is not light beige 21209 coz i already asked...)

    Last question....Will there be blue caviar GST with gold hw released in this fall???

  2. Brown GHW


    Black Patent


    Red 81643 GHW


    Red 81643 SHW


    These are the ones I have seen. I don't know about the Blue or Grey comming in GST but I have seen the flaps and the colors are gorgy.
    I have NO idea on the beige/brown color.
  3. Do you know where the red GGT is available now? thanks
  4. Hirshleifers. All the pics are from Penney. :smile:

  5. Super thankssss for these fabulous pics. Red 81643 is kinda orangy to me. Actually, i have 09C 81643 jumbo, but it's quite a dark red. Just wonder whether this one has orange undertone IRL???

    One more thing...How does the grey color look like (for the flap)? Is it close to dove grey from 08 or matt calf grey reissue? For me, it will be perfect if it's more like anniversary grey reissue from 05.:graucho:
  6. It's the same red, just too much flash. The grey flap is darker than the light S/S one. I can't really describe perfectly, saw it only briefly at a trunk show.
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    I went to the SF store about a month ago and the ladies showed me a light gray and a navy gst (both with silver chains).

    I'm not sure if they're the same ones you're talking about but they said that those were the new colors. Neiman's had a gorgeous darker shade of gray (not sure if it's still available) but the gray I saw at the boutique was a lot lighter than I would like. I'd say it was slightly lighter than the shade of gray of N-JOY's new camera bag (picture she posted):

  8. I love these - I've been out of the loop with nothing really sparking my interest, but I love Gold Hardware.
    When will these be available?
  9. Ladybelle, thanks for the pictures!
  10. Does anyone know when these are coming out?
    Thank you :smile:
  11. Just saw the dark brown GST w/ shw, 30 minutes ago at Le Printemps dept store in Paris: It's a real chocolate brown almost bought it, looks really fantastic ! :yahoo:
    There was a grey caviar medium flap (just arrived), don't know if the GST is gonna be the same grey but this one was a matte "mouse" grey. Not a light grey. I fell in love with a fantastic grey (lambskin) it's not metallic it's not silver, it's sort of glazed, iced, very difficult to describe, OMG it was like the bag was made of silk instead of lambskin. Unbelievable ! :nuts: I went to Cambon, they haven't ordered it so they called another boutique for me and I'm on the waiting list for the Jumbo !!! :graucho:
  12. I want one of those reds!!!
  13. Me too, this red is really gorgeous !
  14. Isn't the brown beautiful? I never really thought I'd like Brown Caviar, but it is yummy, so I just had to find out if it was the same color of the flap. :graucho:

    The Grey Lambskin you saw is probably the metallic grey. It's not really metallic looking in the sence of the reissues. I agree it's beautiful. So awesome you ordered the Jumbo! :nuts:
  15. ;)
    I also saw grey caviar medium flap in my local shop. Yeahhh,,,u're right to define it as a "mouse" grey. Do u know this color code?

    I really hope the GST will have the same grey as flap. It's not too dark. Just the perfect shade of grey:biggrin:. If u know that GST has the same grey as flap,,,please post here;) ok? I will keep my fingers crossed.