Fall Color Palette

  1. Does anyone know the main colors for fall this year? I'm more curious about accessory colors. Can't wait to know!!!
  2. I don't know for sure what the "it" color will be for accessories but I'm guessing a deep red. I have seen MbyMJ, Botkier, and Tods come out with deep reds/marron for their fall colletions so far. It seems like everytime I see a fall preview for bags, I see something in a nice red color.

    The deeper metallics like platinum, pewter, and bronze also seem to "in". I've seen them offered in the fall lines of several designers like Ferragamo, Botkier, Taryn Rose, etc.

    So far the fall clothing lines I've seen had a lot of black, white, navy, teal, plum, and red.
  3. Hermes seems to be doing a lot of purple in scarves, and taupe ("Etoupe" to you purists) in leather.
  4. I've been seeing Magenta everywhere! Heard about orange as well :yes: Dark brown and black as well of course.. which compliments magenta+orange perfectly. I'm also pretty sure yellow (mustard/curry yellow not schoolbus yellow) will be 'in' again as well as red, which never really goes out of style for fall.